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Clutch has sounded, nine times out of ten separation bearing problems - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Recently, small make up found on the Internet has a lot of owners for maintenance or have a certain understanding, this is a good phenomenon, but also can let oneself only for car maintenance and maintenance, car has little problem is your own, you can, but still professional maintenance problems in the hope that we have to believe that maintenance of the master of good, an example of Chinese bearing network according to the information listed, such as trample clutch with sound, nine times out of ten happened release bearing problem, believe that maintenance teacher spend less money. Six months ago, when an owner to replace the clutch three-piece, maintenance teacher recommendations also replace the release bearing, but the owner looked at the bearing no issues don't change, maintenance teacher also does not have method, can only put the old release bearing on the installation, but less than half a year's time, when the owner in the clutch, found to have abnormal sound, again to repair, maintenance teacher said mostly release bearing damage need to change, it is also need to remove the gearbox, is also very troublesome process. Below is master maintenance for owners to replace the whole process of release bearing, in desperation, the owner agreed to master apart the engine and the gearbox, release bearing inspection! Replacement of automobile clutch three-piece work is relatively complicated, teachers need to separate the transmission and engine, it takes a lot of time and energy! Due to the lower down the shaft, the transmission will leak, so the teacher need to give out the transmission oil. Shown below, the owner was changing the oil soon, looking at is clean! Two mechanics teacher took about an hour, just the engine and gearbox to open it, as shown in the figure below. Due to design problem, the gearbox cannot be removed, only in this way there is! Mechanics teacher introduction, below the orange area is shown in the cause of sound isolation bearings, master hand turn the release bearing, the noise is very big! Master took it found the steel ball inside have no lubricating oil, serious wear and tear, and only in the new release bearing! Shown below, this is the owner last year in the clutch plate, clutch plate can be seen from the orange area of wear mark without replacement! At the same time, the clutch pressure plate also need not change, because the owner only last year in a new clutch pressure plate and clutch plate! Chart shown in red arrow, the teacher began to install the old clutch plate and clutch pressure plate, the green arrow is shown in the old has spread out the separation of the bearing, is the new release bearing in the box! Below, as shown in the green arrow has the new release bearing mechanics teacher to install! Then the teacher need to take the pressure plate and fixed to the engine flywheel, clutch disc and then combine the engine and the gearbox can be together! Mechanics teacher it's probably spent an hour to install good, then start the engine and step on the clutch gear, already there will be no sound! For the maintenance, the owner for the last time didn't listen to repair master replacement release bearing also feel very regret, dismantling of the repair not only spent money again, also waste a lot of time. Finally, China bearing network according to the understanding of the release bearing use, tell everybody the car engine timing kit, clutch kit, etc. , as long as meet the replacement mileage or fixed number of year, even after replacement and no problems, also want to replace all, otherwise easy to appear the situation in that case! Therefore, we in the process of repair cars, some still need to listen to the teacher's advice, maintenance to avoid for secondary repair car again soon.
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