China became the main performance of the bearing world powers

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Industrial structure of industrial concentration increased significantly. To foster a number of annual sales of 5 billion yuan of large enterprise groups. A number of industry gathering area developed into by an international influence, annual sales of 20 billion yuan of bearing industrial cluster. Leading enterprises in the modern manufacturing services sector accounted for the proportion of main business income of 25% or more. Form a complete independent innovation system in the country's capacity for independent innovation. Luoyang, machine 10 yuan, henan university of industry technological innovation backbone and effective play a leading role. 2 - relying on the vanguard enterprises was built Three national engineering technology research center or the national engineering research center. Enterprise technology centers recognized by the state, by more than five to ten now. Composed of a number of production, technology innovation alliance of joint. Bearing the basic theory research 1. . . Two breakthrough. A number of key generic technology research and application of major achievements. Bearing standard system has reached the international leading level. In the international organization for standardization. 5% - 10% of the international standard on bearing for our country to preside over or participate in revision. A group of core technology independent intellectual property rights. In the period of validity of more than 5000 a state authorized patents, of which more than 1000 invention patents. 2 - the brand effect Three advantage enterprise brand to become the world's brand of bearing, and the world eight big multinational bearing company has the same visibility and reputation. Product level product design and manufacturing technology, product quality, including accuracy, performance, life and reliability, especially the reliability and consistency to achieve the international advanced level. Major equipment of form a complete set of bearing manufacture rate above 80%.
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