What's the difference between the various structure of cylindrical roller bearing features

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Cylindrical roller bearing is a bearing inner ring and outer ring with guard guide roller with adhere to the frame of intact cells. NR type cylindrical roller bearing. This kind of bearing with high stiffness, - Just like to accept the radial load, large load capacity. In addition to the full roller bearings, adopt high rigid frame, can correctly guide roller is parallel to the axis. Of cylindrical roller bearing structure is different to identify the guard. NU type cylindrical roller bearing, the outer ring has two guard and an inner ring without a guard. N type cylindrical roller bearing, which has two guard, outer ring without guard. NU, N type cylindrical roller bearings are floating bearing, inside and outside the circle is able to separation, lunch in the device and remove. Double guard NJ type bearing outer ring, inner ring with single guard; NF type bearing double guard is the inner ring, outer ring on a single guard, they can accept unilateral axial force. NUP as fixed bearing type cylindrical roller bearing, can accept alternating direction of axial force, this kind of bearing outer ring with double guard and a retainer.
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