What is bearing the load? Its purpose is? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
All of us are not strange for bearing, but many people will ask: what pre load bearing? Have what is the purpose of bearing pre-load? China bearing network according to the summary to answer these problems. Bearing pre-load is applying 'use' in load ( The external load) Ago, through relative to another bearing axial adjustment and effect on the bearing force, or by the size of the bearing inner race and rolling elements form a 'negative clearance' ( Internal pre-load) And the force generation. Bearing pre-load purpose mainly include the following: 1, improve the guidance precision of the bearing. Machine shaft guide precision with preloading of the bearing axis has higher guidance precision, because shaft deflection under loading capacity is limited by the preloading. Preloading differential bearing has higher guidance precision and high rigidity, also can maintain accurate and constant mesh, and additional dynamic force is small, therefore, low operating noise, meshing gear has a long life. 2, improve the rigidity. Bearing stiffness defined on the bearing force and the ratio of the elastic deformation of the bearing. Within a certain range of load, elastic deformation in the process of the load bearing is smaller than without the load bearing of the deformation. 3, low noise operation. The smaller the bearing running clearance, with no load roller guide is better, the smaller bearing noise at runtime. 4, compensate for wear and sink. During operation, the bearing wear and sink make clearance increases, but can compensate by pre load. Compensation running wear and sink, and prolong the working life. 5, prolong the working life. In some instances, the bearing pairs configuration of pre-load can improve the reliability and prolong the working life. Because the amount of preloading can improve bearing load distribution, so can increase its working life.
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