What is a low noise grease? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Low noise is fat after fully purification of grease, not one of them or only contains extremely low impurities, big impurity particles into the bearing or rotating parts will cause the noise of the equipment. This kind of grease was originally built for the rise and fall of high precision equipment, if there are impurities pollutants into the equipment bearing or bearing parts, may cause damage to these parts. First of all, every day there are a number of foreign equipment using low noise fat: electrical appliances with the volume control of motor, the drive of the computer parts and other facilities have benefited from the low noise micro-motor fat fat or high purity. Second, can be eliminated by removing impurity particles or contaminants to bearing noise, these impurities or contaminants hit to make resulted from scratch or bearing collar, if impurity content to a certain extent, under the same conditions, to interfere with the normal operation of the moving parts to produce, make its action. It may shorten the service life of bearing and the stability of motor. This kind of situation should with hydraulic system similar to that of particles into the work area, will damage the friction pair, reduce the working life. There are several kinds of grease quality measurement abroad. The purity of the fat can be expressed in the noise generated by the bearing test; Also can be fat evenly in the flat look at one of the pollutants. Also for raw materials and final product for testing of pollutants, otherwise it is impossible to know content of solid contaminant in the final product. As for the problem of the overall cost of using low noise grease, foreign think: for a large amount of grease lubrication with industrial motor: assuming the thickener, base oil, viscosity of the grease can be accepted, and some other properties due to the use of low fat of motor bearing noise increases with the value of life, will be more than low noise grease cost brought by the high price.
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