Using imported FAG bearing installation should pay attention to what issues? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Bearing belongs to the precision parts, so when use requires a fairly cautious attitude, so is the use of the high performance of imported FAG bearing, if use undeserved, also cannot achieve the expected performance effect, and easy to make the bearing damage. A, use bearing should be paid attention to the following: 1, keep the bearing and the surrounding environment clean dust into the bearing even invisible to the naked eye smile, also can increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise. 2, use the installation should be careful when not allowed powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly, not allowed by transfer roller pressure. 3, the use of appropriate and accurate installation tools use a special tool, as far as possible to avoid use cloth class and short fiber, things like that. 4, to prevent rusting of the bearings directly with the hand take bearing, to fully wash hands sweat, and again after coated with high quality mineral oils, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay attention to rust. However, in some special operating conditions, FAG import bearings can get more than the life of the traditional computing, especially in the case of light load. These special operating conditions is, when the rolling surface ( Track and rolling piece) Can be separated by a lubricating oil film effectively and the surface of the limit of pollutants may cause damage. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible. Second, the bearing life, the life of rolling bearing with revolution ( Or in the hours of work under a certain speed) , definition: within the life of the bearing, should be in any of its bearing ring or rolling on initial fatigue damage ( Flake or defect) 。 Whatever the test in the laboratory or in actual use, can be clearly seen, under the same working conditions, the appearance of the same bearing the actual life. In addition there are several different definitions of imported FAG bearing 'life', one of which is known as the 'service life', it represents a certain bearing before damage to the actual life is by the wear and tear, damage usually is not caused by fatigue, but due to abrasion, corrosion, damage to the seal, and so on. Third, the cause of bearing damage and countermeasures: ( A) , why would bearing grinding damage? Only part of the bearing damage in the practical application. Most of the bearing smoke bad for many reasons - — Than previously estimated load, the effective sealing, tight fit too small, as a result of bearing clearance, etc. Any of these factors factors there is its special damage forms and will leave a special signs of deterioration. Examine the damaged shaft bearing, therefore, in most cases can find its possible causes, generally speaking, a third of the bearing damage resulting from the fatigue damage, a third of the other resulting from poor lubrication, a third of the other resulting from pollutants into the bearing improper handling or installation. However, the damage pattern is also related to industrial don't. Pulp and paper industry, for example, half is probably due to bad lubrication bearing damage or contamination is not due to material fatigue. ( 2) , damage causes and countermeasures: 1, stripping load is too big: check the load size. Correct the load conditions. Install the bad ( Non linear) Check the size of load and bearing institute used again. Correct the load conditions. 2, torque load foreign invasion, into the water: improve the sealing device, when stop rust. Improve the matching of rolling parts surface finish. Presented with mild wear dark side, dark surface by the surface of multiple deep down inside to 5 - Tiny cracks of 10 m, and on a larger scale slightly off ( The tiny stripping) Fracture when installation has taken a knock. Improve the sealing device. 3, poor lubrication, lubricants inappropriate: use appropriate lubricant viscosity, improving the lubrication method. Matching rolling parts surface finish is not good. Foreign body into the lubricant. Choosing the right lubricant. 4, FAG import bearing clearance is not appropriate. Bearing box accuracy is bad, uneven rigidity of bearing box: check the shaft and the precision of the bearing housing. Check the clearance. 5, axis deflection of big rust, erosion, abrasion and creasing check shaft, FAG import precision of the bearing housing. Bearing the load bearing rotates, the inner ring and outer ring raceway surface or rolling decent present designed stripping due to rolling fatigue phenomenon. The so-called card is produced in the slip surface injury injury minor burns summary of part of the surface damage. Lubricant bad cause surface roughness. Stripping lubricant is not appropriate. Improve lubricant and lubricating method. 6, ( The surface deformation phenomenon) The development of the cause. Foreign body nip. The load is too large. Use bad. To improve the installation method ( Adopt the hot charging, using the appropriate tool holder) 。 FAG import bearing installed, supporting to guard. Fracture refers to the roller Angle of groove wheel rim or on the local part are exerted impact or excessive load and a small part of the fracture. Hurt too much too much load, preloading.
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