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Use stainless steel linear bearing need to pay attention to

by:Waxing     2020-11-13
Before we use the linear bearing stainless steel, it is necessary to know about the removal problem, linear motion bearings series can easily lead to a foreign body into the removal, may also affect the assembly precision, thus adversely affected, so please remove. Linear bushing fall down or rap may cause damage, if by external impact, even if looked out the damage may cause the loss of function, the attention, please. On stainless steel linear bearing is wiped rust-proof oil must be careful when we, carefully wipe the anti-rust oil and lubricant should be used only after sealed, so to avoid some traits of different lubricants are mixed together. Vibration often occurred in the place, clean room, vacuum, low temperature or high temperature, etc. When used under special circumstances, may not be able to use the usual lubricant. If accidentally let foreign body into linear bearing stainless steel, which can cause steel ball circulation parts damage and loss of function, so to avoid some dust prevention, and other foreign material into the system, so as to avoid damage.
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