Under what circumstances the TIMKEN bearing take supplements to avoid heating failure - lubricating bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
If add lubricating shorter than six months, it is best to adopt the method of supply grease, this method is relatively simple, not interrupt the equipment operation. Compared with continuous lubrication of the hair that is, more can keep stable temperature and at a lower level. When add lubricating at six months, the general recommended updates the method of the grease. Update the grease is usually scheduled maintenance TIMKEN bearing part of the work, such as railway bearings. If due to different reasons, need to be more frequent to supplement the lubrication, such as the problem of pollution, or because it is not easy to close to the location of the TIMKEN bearing import and inconvenient lubrication other supplementary methods. You can consider to adopt the method of continuous lubrication. Continuous grease does not apply to the application of high speed, because after excessive grease agitation could lead to the working temperature rise, and will damage the structure of the grease thickener. Bearing is fixed in mechanical parts, is the main part of the machinery, its role is basically used to keep the shaft center position, and to control the movement of the parts. TIMKEN bearing has a vital role in any machine, if have no bearing, machine can't work. , many users are reflected in the use of imported bearings, the faults of TIMKEN bearing heating is the most common, the failure will affect the service life of TIMKEN bearing import and performance. So, this fault is formed? Below, it is stated the knowledge for everyone. 1, the oil level is too low, the lubricant from the loss of oil seal; 2, TIMKEN bearing grease in the completely filled or oil level is too high. This can lead to lubrication excessive mixing, produce the high temperature or the oil; 3, contact type ( Friction) Oil seal is too dry or spring too tight; 4, TIMKEN bearing hole is not in the round; Bearing box distortion; Bearing surface is not smooth; Cases of hole diameter is too small; 5, contact type ( Friction) Oil seal is too dry or spring too close, and so on.
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