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by:Waxing     2020-06-03
SKF CARB® Toroidal roller bearing is a new type of radial spherical roller bearing. Developed by SKF companies themselves, and to the market in 1995.     CARB bearing with automatic regulating cardiac function of spherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing axial displacement characteristics, have needle bearing compact cross section. Have a look, is this appearance.     The structure of the bearing is designed for a floating end support. As the single roller bearings, bearing inner and outer ring raceway surface is concave cambered surface, the symmetry of the roller, roller with a convex surface inside and outside the circle of axial displacement between each other. Optimization of raceway and roller contour surface, make the bearing load can be evenly distributed, reduce the friction in the process of operation.     CARB bearing roller can automatically guide, regardless of whether the inner ring have relative to the outer ring in the axial displacement or not ideal situation, it can be found in a load average in the position of the roller. Even in Angle error or under the condition of axial displacement, also can give full play to the bearing capacity of the bearing, so the product has long life.     CARB bearing the main structural form of the cage and roller. Of course these two kinds of structure of the product can have open and with seals.     CARB bearing inside diameter of the hole has a straight hole and cone hole, straight hole of the bearing can be directly installed on the straight shaft; Taper hole can hold on the cone shaft bearings, also can with shaft sleeve is installed on the straight shaft. Shaft sleeve can choose tight sleeve and sleeve.     CARB bearings with radial clearance of ordinary group, but the majority of products have been provided in three groups of radial clearance.     It is important to note that the straight hole and cone hole radial clearance value is not the same! ! ! Products of the same size, of course, the cone hole bearing radial clearance must be greater than the straight hole bearing. Concrete numerical value to look down the left left left bore cylindrical CARB bearing radial clearance cone CARB bearing radial clearance & emsp;   CARB bearing and one of the biggest characteristics is the axial displacement, the displacement is for axis in operation after a certain time thermal expansion. Axial displacement in is given in the product list, the axial displacement reference is given in the table in the bearings have a large enough work clearance between inner and outer circle and no Angle error when applicable.     S1: with cage or roller bearings, full of when the axial position to deviation from the direction of the buckles, allows the axial displacement of the reference & emsp;   S2: sealed bearing, when axial moved towards the direction of the buckles, allowing the axial displacement of the reference & emsp;   CARB bearing allows inside and outside the circle there is between 0. 5 degrees of Angle error, within the scope of this Angle, will not affect the bearing performance of a bearing. When have larger axial displacement, allowing the Angle error would be reduced; Angle error can make the roller axial displacement to a certain extent, make it close to the end of one of the bearing, the greater the Angle error, allowing the axial displacement should be reduced. The greater the Angle error, the friction will increase with it. Bearing even still, bear the ability of the Angle error will reduce. If the guide bearing is made in brass cage, Angle error is not allowed more than 0. 5 degrees. Remember to keep in mind, Angle error in 0. 5 c is used, the service life of bearing is guaranteed, greater than zero. 5 degrees, the service life of bearing will be very short.     ( The above content for hk bearing network bearing technical engineers to write, please leave a message if you have any questions. )     Hk united bearing focus bearing industry informationization service nearly 20 years, with many excellent bearing enterprise grows together, also witnessed China's bearing production technology from low to high development process. We will adhere to continue, the steadfast work, don't, don't give up, for the benign development of Chinese bearing industry do render some.
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