SKF bearing oil film lubrication to replace knowledge of specific steps - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Oil film SKF bearing oil lubrication management is very important, should not be ignored, detailed introduction is as follows: the main cause of mechanical failure or early wear, more than half of them are related to lubrication technology management. Good lubrication management, prevent the SKF bearing, gear friction in the moving parts, such as scratches or sintering, prevent and reduce the wear and tear, reduce the friction resistance, prevent equipment accidents, improve equipment production efficiency; Save energy, improve the energy utilization, increase the economic benefit, is the main task of the lubrication management work. 1, lubrication is a professional and technical management, shall set full-time lubrication technical management personnel, to formulate lubricating management system, training of lubrication technical knowledge. 2, under the precondition of reasonable fuel tank capacity, maintain reasonable tank oil level, often to fill lube oil tank, the tank oil is always the reasonable operation of the oil level, the oil degassing, precipitation machine noise, separation of water and reduce the oil temperature in the cabinet are favorable. 3, timing, positioning extract + sample in the line, from the oil smell, chromaticity, performance, viscosity, water content, change of water pollutant category and content, such as antifoaming performance testing laboratory. Enter the lubricating points of water content in oil more than 0. Sharply increased 1%, the mechanical wear and tear; More than 0. 5% when the lubrication conditions will be very dangerous. To make a good record of detection. 4, analysis and comparison each test records, to forecast the bad lubrication condition, work out improvement or measures are avoided. On the system of the oil level, oil, oil temperature, oil pressure alarm and interlock control to safe and reliable, to put an end to lubrication accidents. Will now walking steel wheel in SKF bearing change oil seal oil seal leakage when the concrete steps of 1, loosen the vibration motor four fixed bolt, and unload the vibration motor ( Don't have to remove the hose on the motor) ; 2, loosen the motor seat seven fixed bolt, and detach the motor seat; 3, loosen the supporting plate, and walking on the bearing seat and the former eight fixed bolt and plate frame connection bolt, unload the supporting plate, together with the shock absorber, stent; 4, loosen the SKF bearing damper on eight of the retaining bolt, and unload the baffle; 5, looking for a diameter less than the plate of SKF bearing inner ring, bearing shaft head outside the mat; 6, the left end cap will be removed, opposite mat on the plate, looking for the 7 M12 x 70 bolt, used for fastening walking left end cover and bearing seat; Lock the figure 7, according to the diagonal sequence of seven bolt, can will walk bearing seat and pull together SKF bearing, to turn the walking bearing flat, can replace model for phi 180 x 220 x 18 skeleton oil seal. Pay attention to the disassembly sequence according to the various parts, when installation antitone for installation. In the skeleton oil seal and drive on bearing and the bearing seat outside all needs to add more butter, so as to avoid damage to the oil seal when pressed, resulting in failure of oil again.
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