Simple introduce new bearing grinding process - bearing the characteristics of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Bearing is a kind of important modern machinery and equipment parts and components, its main function is to support the mechanical rotator, reduce the coefficient of friction in the process of movement, and guarantee its rotation accuracy. Rolling bearings generally consists of outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and keep the frame of four parts. In bearing production, is the most complex, the machining process of grinding so for bearings in the production of one of the key working procedure of grinding, how to adopt new techniques, new technologies with high precision, high efficiency and low cost to finish grinding process, is the main task of the grinding. Below yida bohai embellish petrochemical simple introduce new bearing grinding process which features: one, the new characteristics of the bearing grinding ( 1) High-speed bearing grinding technology of high speed grinding can realize two goals of modern manufacturing technology to improve the quality and efficiency, and in high speed grinding wheel in addition to should have sufficient strength, also need to ensure that it has good grinding performance high grinding effect can be attained. ( 2) New type of bearing grinding with cubic boron nitride grinding wheel has a good processing characteristics, the new grinding wheel manufacturing technology, finishing technology, ongoing technology such as the special oil bearing grinding machine and grinding upgrade in order to meet the progress of the grinding process. ( 4) Bearing grinding CNC numerical control technology in high speed and low speed can ensure positioning accuracy, can complete jump, fast, finishing compensation, coarse to fine grinding, make the machine tool feed mechanism is greatly simplified, greatly improve the performance reliability. Second, the new type of bearing grinding solution ( 1) Bearing the clamping method in bearing grinding to the correction precision of large Angle of cylindrical and process after positioning, can avoid the hole in the seat surface grinding axial runout. ( 2) Bearing the cutting cutting allowance allowance is the guarantee of high efficiency and high precision grinding of bearing is an important parameter, fine grinding allowance usually control at the micro level. ( 3) Bearing grinding tool choice modern grinding technology using high speed grinding, to ensure that the process of grinding wheel in the grinding chip not NianDu grinding wheel, keep good self-sharpening. ( 4) Bearing grinding speed of workpiece rotary speed and the diameter of the bearing grinding surface is related to the speed of the workpiece to a larger impact on the surface roughness and grinding cut marks, low speed grinding surface causes ripples, increase the surface residual stress, high speed grinding surface will cause burns. Three, new bearing grinding problem ( 1) Bearing accuracy problem bearing is mainly composed of machine tool accuracy, precision fixture precision grinding process parameters and composite formation. So reasonable nc grinding machine tool coordinate, the position of the grinding wheel fixed coordinates is also an important parameter of the workpiece quality. ( 2) Bearing burn issues bearing grinding process parameters in the process of unreasonable or blank dimension precision control is bad will appear the phenomenon of grinding burn, the main factors of the grinding burns produce with low linear velocity of grinding wheel, low cutting force, grinding wheel and workpiece surface method to force big, etc. ( 3) Bearing crack problems when grinding parameter selection is not reasonable, the hole in the seat surface after grinding of grinding surface will produce crack or tiny cracks, special surface crack in pressure chamber in here will make the seat in front edge produces cavitation, lowered the fatigue strength of bearing. Four, the selection of new type of grinding oil ( 1) Grinding oil extreme pressure performance of the special grinding oil containing sulfide extreme pressure antiwear additive ingredients, can effectively protect grinding tool, to improve process accuracy. ( 2) Chemical properties of the grinding oil special grinding oil has good chemical stability, will not cause harm in the equipment, human and environment. ( 3) Grinding oil performance of other special grinding oil in viscosity, flash point, pour point, heat conduction performance through rigorous testing, in order to satisfy the demands of all kinds of craft.
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