Shaft bearing and taper roller bearing of disassembly

by:Waxing     2020-11-20
Axis of bearing and taper roller bearing removing bearings removed after intends to continue to use, should choose the appropriate things apart. Open ring interference cooperation, can only add tension on the ring, not promised to pass through the rolling body apart, or roll body and race will be crushed. Bearing the use of the environment: on the basis of using the site and application condition and environment condition choose standard size, precision, cooperation for the conditions of the bearing is to ensure that the bearing life and reliability. 1, the use of parts: tapered roller bearing is suitable for accept to mainly consisting of radial load and axial union load, usually in two sets of bearing pairs is applied, which should be mainly in the car before and after the wheel, the automatic transmission parts, such as bevel gear, differential, reducer. 2, promised to speed, accurate, smooth and excellent environment, the device bearing limit speed for 0. 3 - 0. 5 times. Under normal circumstances, usually with 0. 2 times the limit speed for the most appropriate. 3, promised to skew Angle: tapered roller bearings are usually not allow axis relative to the shell hole have skewed, skew, if any, are no more than 2 'biggest. 4, promised to temperature: under normal load, and smooth agent with high temperature resistant performance, and smooth and good condition, usually bearing promised to - 30℃- 150 ℃ ambient temperature. Jiaxing bearing co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of automotive water pump bearing, shaft bearings, water pump bearings professional manufacturers, the company strictly in accordance with the quality of customer requirements and time to provide error-free, with cost-effective products and services, continuous improvement, to ensure customer satisfaction and trust and continuously exceed customer's expectations! More information please visit: a: regarding the shaft even bearing lubrication and sealing of the next article: shaft related tags even the installation of the bearings and tapered roller bearings, auto water pump bearing, shaft bearings, water pump bearings, auto water pump bearing related news which cases will fever auto water pump bearing thermal and bearing performance of engine cooling system of key parts of automotive water pump bearing water pump bearing why use general auto water pump bearing grease appears channeling dynamic circumstance how to deal with related products
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