Several methods of imported bearing rust - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
1) Surface cleaning: cleaning must be rust in accordance with the nature of the surface and the conditions, select the appropriate method. There are usually used solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning. 2) Surface available filter after dry clean dry compressed air blow dry, or in 120 ~ 170 ℃ dryer for drying, also can use clean cloth to wipe dry. Coating anticorrosive oil method 1) Soak method: some small items by soaking in antirust oil, make its surface adhesion on a layer of anti-rust oil. The temperature of the oil film thickness can be controlled by anti-rust oil or viscosity to achieve. 2) Brush method used for soaking or spraying outdoor construction equipment or not apply special shaped products, brush should not only pay attention to not build up, also should pay attention to prevent leakage. 3) Spray a few large rust cannot be oiled by soaking method, generally about 0. 7 mpa pressure filtering compressed air spraying where clean air. Spray method used solvent XiShiXing rust-proof oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil, but must use perfect fire protection and labor protection measures. What are the main factors influencing the metal corrosion? Metal corrosion is caused by a variety of internal and external factors, sum up the main are: 1) metal material chemical composition and structure; (2) metal surface finish, The oxygen concentration cell corrosion) ; (3) contact with the metal surface composition and pH value of solution; (4) environmental temperature and humidity; (5) the various environmental medium metal surfaces in contact with. Why hand sweat will cause metal corrosion? Sweat is a colorless transparent or light yellow with salty in weak acid liquid, its pH value of 5 ~ 6. In addition to containing sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium salt, also contains a small amount of urea, lactic acid, citric acid and other organic acids. When contact with sweat and metal on metal surface to form a film of sweat, sweat film will cause electrochemical action on metals, the corrosion of metal. Sweating is inevitable, to prevent hand sweat cause corrosion, production personnel should wear gloves, gloves, or take the parts with specialized tools, don't touch products by hand.
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