Selection of deep drawing die material and heat treatment requirements - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Because of the deep drawing die failure mainly adhesive wear and abrasive wear, and mainly adhesion wear. So choose mould material must have high abrasion resistance and adhesion resistance, and sufficient strength. By drawing materials should also be considered when choosing the size of the sheet thickness, deep drawing parts shape as well as the production batch size and other factors. ( A) Light load deep drawing ( Deep drawing sheet steel and copper, aluminum alloy) At the time of the mould material production batch is small, to a simple cylindrical shape shallow deep drawing parts, can choose T8, T10 steel; For small pieces of complicated shape, choose CrWMn, 9 mn2v. In the batch production or production batch is large, use Cr12MoV. Production batch is large, choose carbide or steel bonded carbide. ( 2) Overloading deep drawing ( Pull the deep plate, the depth of counter loop and the thinning drawing) At the time of the mould material production batch is small, can choose T10, CrWMn. Production batch is bigger, use Cr12MoV and GM steel. GM steel strength and toughness higher than that of high speed steel, Cr12MoV; Adhesive wear and abrasive wear resistance is superior to the matrix steel and Cr12MoV, in terms of deep drawing die has been applied to get better. Production batch is large, consider to choose hard alloy or steel bonded carbide. ( 3) Deep drawing of stainless steel, high nickel alloy steel, heat-resistant steel mold materials drawing this kind of material, adhesive and hair, preferred tooling material for aluminum bronze. Production batch is lesser, can choose aluminum bronze, T10A ( Hard chrome plating, pay attention to when hard chromium plating technology is adopted coating can't be too thick, the peeling off when the deep drawing in case) 。 Production batch is large, aluminum bronze, Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1 ( Surface nitriding) 。 Production batch is large, use cemented carbide. ( 4) Large deep drawing parts, automotive covering parts of deep drawing die materials can choose or high strength alloy cast iron nodular cast iron. Graphite of nodular cast iron can be immersed in lubricating oil, the organization has the self-lubricating function, can effectively reduce the friction in deep drawing, and low cost, easy processing. High strength ductile iron can be used in a double medium delay martensite isothermal quenching cooling, in order to obtain high strength and toughness, hardness is 55 ~ 58 HRC. Die slowly warm up first and then heating to 880 ~ 900 ℃, the heat preservation after the first air precooling, then salt water quenched to about 550 ℃ or turn to oil cooling, when mould temperature down to about 250 ℃, in 180 ~ 200 ℃ isothermal in hot oil for 2 ~ 3 hours, then the oil temperature down to about 170 ℃ isothermal 5 ~ 7 hours, and finally into air cooling).
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