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Qzk920a cutter ring wear leads to knowledge of fault - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Using qzk920a paper cutter in production work, found the worm gear box oil increased, and an oil storage box to reduce failure. The device in order to catch production progress, continue to work, to add the oil storage box. When oil was reduced to a certain degree of oil storage box paper mixed with gas in cylinder pressure, make the paper weight insufficient work pressure and abnormal noise. Continue to work with the equipment, the worm gear box oil more to the point of continually to overflow, make production can't continue, can only stop check. Through inspection and analysis, found that is because of the worm gear and worm sealing ring wear, bad sealing and the circulation of the oil leak into the worm gear box when backflow, tap the return oil storage box of oil, worm gear box oil caused by more and more, and the oil storage box of oil less and less. At this time, take the oil added to the oil storage box method to solve the problem obviously doesn't work. Replace the sealing ring after fault namely except. The machine of reason and worm parts of the sealing ring wear failure does not see more, and the wear is not too serious when still can continue to work. So, don't found in time and processing, the fault can aggravate, influence equipment normal work. Therefore, in the usual maintenance, pay more attention to the sealing parts of the machine.
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