One mining workshop report bearing heater application report - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Such and such a workshop in the many years of production, many parts of the coupling, bearings, gears, brake wheel, such as spare parts, during the installation process to be heated to 150 - 180 degrees Celsius. The traditional heating method has two kinds: & emsp;   1, using big coal flame, heating waste engine oil, the need to install the spare parts into the oil heating;     2, with oxygen flame heating.     The traditional heating method has the following disadvantages: & emsp;   1, there is a fire hazard: when using flame burning oil heating, there may be water in the oil, the boiling point of water at 100 degrees, when heated to about 100 degrees, the mix oil and water will overflow instant heating container, meet outside the flame will cause fire hazard.     2, to cause burns, burns and other risk: if there is a heated oil-water mixed overflow container ( The oil temperature is around 100 - 110 degrees) , in the spare parts after the heating heating container crane shaking from the process of hot oil overflow container ( The oil temperature about 200 degrees) , there is a great deal of burn and scald unsafe factors such as operating personnel.     3, to environmental safety risk: when using coarse coal flame heating, combustion of coal, can produce smoke. When the oil temperature reached 100 degrees, pungent smell. Blower to blow after combustion of the coal ash all over the sky floating, cause air pollution. In this grim situation of environmental protection, if one day when using flame heating, the inspection group, AnFangZu functions such as check, may increase to environmental accidents, losses to the company and unnecessary trouble.     4, heating time is too long, prolong operation time: flame heating, heat from the fire to the spare parts to the appropriate temperature, the entire process takes 3 - 4 hours in ShiYanChang repair equipment downtime, increase workers' labor intensity, hold up the entire company production task.     5, increase the cost of materials: when using oxygen heating, heating uneven heating, spare parts will be installed to the half, is to can't get down through the lift, coupler motor connection plate, for example, once appear such circumstance, can only be forced to scrap.     Comprehensive the above situation, workshop team many times to find a way to solve this problem, through consultation to find in many ways, in combination with the practical situation of my shop, find Qingdao victor bearing heater, on the basis of workshop to provide spare parts size and requirements, to communicate with each other for many times, can be customized a bearing heater, meet the demand of heating of workshop of various spare parts!
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