Of the accessories of the most frequently used in life long - — Wheel hub bearing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Your car accessories, including your own modification, including the original belt, all the accessories. Using high frequency, long life must have a bearing. The size of the bearing outer ring and inner ring, simple matching, simple inner ring, outer ring, but with the development of technology and mature, this simple automobile wheel hub bearing development has experienced three development period. A generation of bearings. Compared the first generation of wheel hub bearing now large-scale use of three generations of bearing is humble, no ABS anti-lock, reserved aperture 0. 050-0. 080毫米( Clearance) And do not belong to the assembly. So in the process of installation and removal is very violence, because they had no way to get it directly. Bearing the second generation bearing a mainstream model generation. Removal and installation of the generation of bearing for the inconvenience, forced upgrading. So the two generation of bearing - — The improved product generation bearing appeared. Compared with a generation of bearing of the humble, removal and installation of the second generation bearing is very convenient. The characteristics of the second generation bearing is bearing reserved aperture, retained the generation increased output device TONE WEEL, Ring gear) , increased the flange ( Fixed in the brake disc) 。 A mainstream models, the second generation bearing outer ring graph 2 generation of bearing increases above the gear ring and chassis form abs signal sensor. Anti-lock brakes. Bearing inner ring and reserved aperture and generation is consistent, no big change. Three generations of bearings. The function of the three generations of bearing and obtained more fully to improve safety performance. Without the reserved aperture, integrated with ABS, weaken the function of inner ring, increased the shaft, completed the concept on the actual meaning of the assembly. Three generations of bearing ( Each brand models in addition to the magnetic ring is not the same, no other accessories. Magnetic ring style is different but the functions are all the same) Three generations of bearing is called assembly, because from the production line can be installed directly to the car. Quality is more stable, more strict size.
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