Motorized spindle 5 main faults and correct treatment - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
1, main shaft stuck, unable to rotate the cause of the problem: a, spindle bearing is wear, have sundry jam, lead to bearing jammed; B, dust ring before and after the dust ring gap between foreign bodies blocked. Troubleshooting: please send back to our main shaft for maintenance. 2, chuck cannot be locked away knife, cutting knife, the cause of the problem: rotor front cone is damaged, chuck surface deformation and damage. Troubleshooting: please send back to our company for the spindle of cone grinding, damaged chuck can't continue to use. 3, in the process of using the spindle temperature too high the cause of the problem: spindle used for a long time, don't do a good cooling measures; Bearing damage. Troubleshooting: completes the spindle cooling measures, recommend the use of thermal water cooling machine and fixture on the spindle cooling; Send back to our company for the spindle of dismantling overhaul. 4, main shaft wall, but the inverter display for power output fault reasons: may be the phase voltage imbalance. Troubleshooting: check the lines to the spindle and drive, drive and frequency converter connection are in good condition. 5, the spindle stops, unable to start the cause of the problem: a, may be a spindle stator winding burn out, or coil varnish melting. B, check whether frequency converter fault information, inverter braking. Fault handling: first of all, the multimeter measuring spindle end socket after sale whether the value of equilibrium between three pin; And then check whether use environment, use filtering and pressure regulating device for sealing gas filtering and regulating; Check the inverter parameters Settings, adjust frequency converter parameters. If the resistance is not balanced, can be identified as the stator coil burned; Send back to the main shaft of card west Germany for maintenance. sycotec 4025 sycotec 4033
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