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Motor bearing is broken how do I take? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Motor bearing is bad, how to take down in ah, like the appearance of the very tight, not hard, also have no place hard, how to do ah, small make up teach you. First, open the back cover, first with a mark stroke shaft and motor shell, with shaft encoder activity base, encoder movable activity base location ring and motor shell positioning line, a total of three. Second, loosen the encoder base and two fixed screw motor, connected to the shaft of the screw and unscrew encoder for conical connecting shaft, because of the joint is tight, you can hammer insert encoder and motor side of thick screwdriver ( Because of the greater the screwdriver into the deep) Can put out the entire encoder, pay attention to the position of the screwdriver inserted, don't spoil the encoder, knock don't too hard, be careful not to let the encoder fell to the ground, will be broken. With the stigma of screws is first to unscrew head screw, then hand them out. After three, remove the encoder, you can according to the method of general motors remove two of the motor end cover, is very simple, first remove the pulley, and then spin off on both sides of the four screw fixation, even with a hammer to tap end cover to remove the lid, back cover, can use the impact front axle end face the way out of a big seam to, note: rotor with a strong magnetic, not very hard to take not to come out, you can put the motor body fixed on the vise, then you can use the hand to pull out the inside of the rotor, never stop, the strength should be until pull out, otherwise you will be sucked through again the bruised your finger, it is not worth. Some users because they do not understand the internal structure of servo motor, without dismantling the encoder directly with a hammer to knock the motor, the bearing is in down, but the motor is discarded, because the encoder is a made of glass light code disc, with a hammer knock fragment, this special attention. Four, in ramallah the damaged bearings, bearings and replace with new model size. Five, the pack back to the motor stator, packed in reverse order the motor end cover, put back the pulley six, according to the marker of the original positioning feeds back to the encoder.
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