Monitoring the working state of rolling bearings - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
To monitor the quality of rolling bearings by using the magnetic plug method 1. To monitor the quality of rolling bearing using magnetic plug requirements ( 1) Magnetic plug only applies to oil lubrication, and through a dedicated pipeline oil return key to monitor the main bearing. ( 2) Try to installed on the monitored in the magnetic plug near the main bearing, is situated on the main in the oil return, no filter, oil pump and other hydraulic parts cut off. ( 3) In order to improve the efficiency of monitoring, can make a return oil import and export of rotary oil container. Pour a cone shape of fuel reservoir shall be prepared, install the magnetic plug at the bottom of the oil container. Oil container inlet to tilt Angle, can make the lubricating oil by tangential into it. This is beneficial to the wear of abrasive and wiggle lubricating oil separation, and precipitation in the bottom, through holes into the magnetic plug, adsorption in magnetic steel end. 2. Under normal circumstances the morphological characteristics of rolling bearing wear grits in the running-in period and normal operation period, produced by the grinding grain fragments size is commonly 0. 01 ~ 0. 015 mm, and mixed with some metal powder. New bearing in the running-in period the number of pieces of grits than normal running period, abrasive debris into the normal operation period, and can significantly reduce the number of metal powder. Abrasive debris under the microscope to present the shape of a thin and short, with irregular cross section. 3. The morphological characteristics of rolling bearing fault resistance wear grits fatigue pitting is the main failure forms. Rolling fatigue, flake form the fragments of the grinding grain size is commonly 0. 025-0. 05mm。 Sometimes a size larger pieces, and mixed with some metal powder. Ball bearing steel ball grinding grain fragments usually present roughly circular, along the radial form of rose petals; Pieces of raceway grinding grain of present roughly circular surface broken forms; Roller bearing roller grinding grain fragments usually present length is equal to 2 ~ 3 times the width of curly rectangular form; Raceway grinding grain fragments irregular rectangular general. With temperature measurement method of rolling bearing monitoring problems that should be paid attention to by measuring the temperature rise of bearing operation, regular monitoring of rolling bearing will not fatigue spalling, crack or indentation of local damage, especially in the early stages of the injury is almost impossible to find what's the problem. After running for a long time, when the bearing temperature rise phenomenon, generally the problems reflected by not only has seriously, and will develop rapidly, causing damage to the bearing fault. At that time, intermittent monitoring tend to cause leakage situation. If found in monitoring the temperature of the bearing more than 70 ~ 80 ℃, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check. For new installations or adjustment of rolling bearing, through temperature measurement method of monitoring the temperature rise within the given time, judging quality of bearing installation and adjustment, especially tight clearance will appear the phenomenon of temperature rise too high. Found that the problem timely adjustment, is helpful to extend the service life of rolling bearing.
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