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Miniature bearing model in the price

by:Waxing     2020-11-20
Miniature bearing type miniature bearing row price continue to smaller than other bearing, miniature bearing and all kinds of miniature ball bearings, application lies in the VCR, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, auto motor, medical equipment and computer peripheral hardware, domain, by users of praise. L- 840 zz type: L - Thickness of 840 zz diameter: 4 diameter: 8: three brands: type: miniature bearing R - 830 zz type: R - Thickness of 830 zz diameter: 3 outer diameter: 8:4 brands: type: miniature bearing RF - 1140 zz type: RF - Thickness of 1140 zz diameter: 4 diameter: 11:4 brands: type: miniature bearing L - 1910 zzy05 model: L - 1910 zzy05 diameter: 10 outside diameter: 19: the thickness of 5 brands: type: miniature bearing R - 1140 zz type: R - 11 thickness: 1140 zz diameter: 4 diameter: 4 brands: type: miniature bearing above is a small area of the miniature bearing type table, if you have the need can contact our online engineer, engineer one-on-one online special service for you, thank you for watching!
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