Mechanical bearing maintenance matters - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Bearing has had turned the fatigue life is short, there is in the early damage of faults. Those without the proper bearing operation, and maintenance management, are more likely to happen. In order to prevent the shaft bearing early injury accident, bearing requires constant maintenance. China bearing network based on summing up experience tell you some knowledge about machinery bearing service items: 1, the mechanical running condition of periodic inspection: from the bearing temperature, noise, vibration survey of the characteristics of periodic inspection and lubricant of judgment of lubricant supply and exchange period. 2, after use, bearing observation: often observed after use, and regular inspection of the bearing of the phenomenon, damage occurs, take the measures to prevent from happening again. The importance of the corresponding equipment and machinery, decide to check out the project and the implementation of regular inspection, from bearing maintenance management is a must.
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