Maintain the set-contained spherical bearing knowledge of general steps - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
1) Tracking TIMKEN bearing in rolling mill location and record. Timken can insert ball bearing, maintenance service for the customer card, can be used to record bearing, roller, frame, the position of bearing in rolling mill, tonnage and bearing outer ring bearing zone and rolling products such as hours worked data. Card should be updated and convenience of maintenance personnel to check in, the margin can record at the bottom of the bearing measuring data and other detailed content; 2) Removed from the roll bearing seat, unload bearings from the bearing seat. Away from the bearing pedestal bearing or bearing checks require special hoisting ways and tools for timken can provide customers with assembly tools and special assembly way; 3) Wash the TIMKEN bearings. In the process of cleaning bearing should be removed all the peel, water, residual lubricant, and any other cause the dirt of severe wear of the bearing. Cleaning bearing the cleaning method and cleaning agent is used according to the number of bearings to clean bearing size or decision, or a few small bearing bearings available kerosene, mineral oil or other commercial solvents. For large bearing or bearing in great quantities, available at 40 ℃ to 22 CST (viscosity Or 100 ° F to 100 SUS) The neutral oil in cleaning tank cleaning. 4) Check the TIMKEN bearings, including appearance inspection and repairs. To pull down the inner ring of the roller outer surface or on the roller surface, if you find a small spalling or skin cracks, usually use the metal flake grinding machine surface edge grinding and polishing flake. 5) Should periodically check the bearing wear, can by measuring the wear of the bearing clearance to evaluate bearing conditions; 6) According to the need, check and maintenance bearing; 7) Keep bearing bearing seat back; 8) According to the need, check and maintenance roll neck; 9) Install the bearing seat with bearing on the roll.
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