Machine tool spindle bearing failure several error maintenance introduction - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Bearing with normal installation, lubrication, the original of lubricating oil is not suspected of the upper half of the machine tool spindle bearings are excluded. But all inner ring channel indentation or pit or fatigue spalling surface checking type, rather than the mold surface spalling damage, oil supply full does not occur this kind of phenomenon. These foreign bodies and the indentation damage caused by the integrity of the oil film, become the cause of premature failure of the spindle bearing fatigue experiment validation, that judgment is right. Develops into a 'clean' seal type bearing, was a great success. This kind of bearing is the original with a standard bearing on each side with a special structure of rubber sealing ring, characteristic is that the sealing ring is mainly used to prevent dirt intrusion of bearings, and with the main purpose is to keep oil - A machine tool spindle bearing seal ring is different. 1, through the surface of the bearing quality I found in the process of sales in the Swedish bearing a lot of clients say as long as the quality of bearing surface brightness is good, this is wrong. Light should be on the surface of the spindle bearing is a kind of raven, of the cause of the raven is whether used in bearing steel standard and its cutting fluid used in the grinding process and etc, produced by the two before. 2, chamfering whether light of machine tool spindle bearing chamfer does not determine the quality of the stainless steel bearings, but reflects the bearing processing method. Chamfering is black, the heat treatment such as quenching, so increase the hardness of bearing, and some people think the chamfering is black not good-looking is not process completely, this is a myth. 3, one cage is better than two body, although the new process using one cage, but it is just to save material, and performance than the difference between the two bodies such as the rotary. In general, the service life of the machine tool spindle bearing has relationship with three factors, one is the quality of the bearing itself. The second is using the environment. Three is to install method.
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