Knowledge update import bearing analysis points - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
We are in the process of using imported bearing, often do some maintenance, but in many cases, imported bearing is upgrading is required, that is to say, bearing need to be replaced, the bearing with the new bearing. China bearing network according to understand, tell everyone in the process of using imported bearing, when it needs to be replaced a new bearing? Can be seen from the following points: 1, imported bearing inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage have crack or gap on any one; 2, imported bearing raceway surface, guard, with significant roller card injury; 3, imported bearing cage wear significantly, or rivet significant relaxation; 4, imported bearing ring, rolling body on any fracture; 5, imported bearing raceway surface, rolling body has serious indentation and mark; 6, imported bearing inner ring diameter or outer diameter surface has obvious creep; 7, imported bearing raceway surface, there are rust on rolling element and injury; 8, the discoloration caused by heat. Not only in order to ensure that the use of imported bearing performance, but also in order to better run machinery and equipment, improve the safety awareness. Bearing in use process have not obvious damage requires timely replacement, or import bearings can lead to machinery to function properly, and even cause unnecessary damage.
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