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Knowledge of bearing ball hardness index - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Hardness is a measure standard bearing steel ball is one of the indicators, the hardness of the high and low directly determines the abrasion resistance and compressive property of steel ball. In the perspective of professional is how to explain the hardness of steel ball? Let me quote a for everybody in authoritative information we are: bearing ball hardness hardness measure sphere's ability to fight hard pressed into the main, generally USES the rockwell hardness ( HRC) Numerical measure, in a certain range, the greater the value of said steel ball surface hardness is higher, its wear resistance and fatigue resistance. Usually bearing steel surface hardness value of raw materials ( HRC) For 15 ~ 20, through after heat treatment process of bearing steel ball surface hardness value can reach 58-64. Industry standards in the period of various sizes of steel ball surface hardness has a regulation, on the basis of the large-scale professional bearing manufacturers according to the purpose of different sizes steel ball, steel ball hardness value of different depth and the same size have a more detailed customization requirements. Rockwell hardness of steel ball bearing steel ball hardness is carbon steel ball, stainless steel balls, bearing steel ball hardness is the tallest of the three kinds of commonly used steel ball, above HRC60, due to good wear resistance, high precision bearing steel balls are widely used in bearing assembly, low accuracy of bearing steel ball is mainly used for polishing, grinding, etc.
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