Install IKO standard method of railway bearing lubrication and maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Because IKO bearing antirust processing and packaging, so do not open the packing before installation. In addition, the coating on bearing anti-rust oil has good lubrication performance, for the general purpose of railway bearing or bearing grease filling, can not directly use cleaning. But for the instrument bearing or bearing for high-speed rotation, the application of clean cleaning oil washed away anti-rust oil, when the bearing is easy to rust, not for a long time. Clean the bearing and the shell, confirm no scar or mechanical processing of burr. Shell has absolutely can not have abrasives ( SiC and Al2O3, etc. ) Sand, scraps, etc. Next inspection shaft and shell size, shape and machining quality are consistent with those drawings. IKO bearing, the method of installation for railway bearing fit, conditions, structure and decide, in general, as more as the axis of rotation, so the inner circle need interference fit. Cylindrical hole bearing, multi-purpose press pressure into, or multi-purpose hot charging method. Taper hole, installed directly on the taper shaft, or use the socket installation. When installed on the shell, clearance fit more commonly, outer ring have surplus quantity, usually use the pressure into the press and or have shrink fit method of cooling after installation. Use dry ice as coolant, shrink fit installation, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of bearing. So, need a good rust prevention measures. Before installation, just close the packaging bearing. General smooth smooth, not clean, smooth directly fill grease. Smooth oil, are generally not clean, but using the instrument or with high speed bearing, use clean oil wash, removal of the rust inhibitor on railway bearings. Delete bearing, rust corrosion inhibitor, let's not put aside. Else, has been sealed, vocational training bureau of oil bearing, don't wash directly. Bearing installation way, due to the bearing arrangement, premise and, in general, the more shaft torsional, within the circle of nuisance appropriate request. IKO bearings of thorough and shaft for transition fit, commonly with bearing hole of the seat is commonly clearance fit, so this kind of bearing is easy to install, the center axis of the two-way thrust bearing should be fixed on the shaft, to prevent the relative to the axis of rotation. Railway bearing installation method, usually is the situation of the axis of rotation, so the inner ring cooperate for win cooperate with shaft, with the bearing outer ring and bearing chamber for clearance fit.
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