INA to burn the important influence of miniature bearing grease choice - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Improper lubrication in the cause of INA bearings premature failure accounted for 36%. General grease can not meet the needs of all kinds of special bearing applications, only use one or all kinds of general purpose grease to meet all of the miniature bearing applications, problems will be caused by far outweighs the benefits of unified brand. Bearing application condition is varied, the correct lubrication is grease and bearing application conditions. Bearing grease is to guarantee the reliability of the bearing a smooth, easy operation and have the largest base, even under the most extreme working conditions. Can prevent pollutants into miniature bearing grease, buffer impact load and corrosion resistance. In the actual application to choose the appropriate grease is bearing the basic conditions for maximum service life. Correct selection of lubricant standards include the INA bearing type and size, temperature, speed, load and the desired service life and supplemental lubrication cycle. Initial radial clearance of bearing in the process of into reduced gradually, and pushed into the amount of size decide to cooperate. Prior to installation, therefore, must first the initial measurement of bearing radial clearance. In the process of bearing push, continuously measure the radial clearance, until meet the requirements of radial clearance is reduce the amount and range of the ideal. Due to temperature lubrication, rotational speed, load, the influence of environment, the temperature range of values in the table only said roughly. Bearing lubrication effect of lubrication on the fatigue life of rolling bearing, friction and wear, temperature rise, vibration and so on have important influence, not normal lubrication, bearing cannot work. Analyze the failure reasons of bearing show that about 40% of the INA bearing damage is related to bad lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of the miniature bearing is an effective measure to reduce the bearing friction and wear. In addition, bearing lubrication and cooling, sealing, rust and moderate impact of a number of roles, the role of bearing lubrication can be illustrated briefly as follows: 1, bearing maintenance: bearing cleaning: removing bearing under repair, first record the appearance of the bearing, confirm the residual stock of lubricant, sampling inspection with lubricant, bearing. Common use gasoline, kerosene as a cleaning agent. Tear open come down to the bearing cleaning, rough washing and fine washing, respectively in the container, first put a metal mesh at the bottom, the miniature bearing is not direct contact with dirt from the container. Coarse when cleaning, if rotating the INA bearings with dirt, can damage the bearing rolling surface, should be pay attention to. In coarse clean oil, use a brush to remove grease, adhesive, after clean, roughly into fine cleaning). 2, bearing maintenance: for as long as possible in good condition to maintain the performance of the bearing was required to maintenance, repair, in order to prevent accident arrangement to ensure the reliability of operation, improve the productivity and economy. To maintain the best conditions of mechanical operation of the corresponding operation standard, on a regular basis. Content includes monitor running status, supplement or replacement of lubricants, remove the check on a regular basis. Points for maintenance operation, have bearing rotating the sound, vibration, temperature, the state of the lubricants and so on. 3, bearing inspection and judgment: in order to determine whether removed miniature bearing can use, check after wash bearing. Check the raceway surface, rolling surface, cooperate with the state, the abrasion of cage, the increase of the INA bearing clearance and has nothing to do with dimension precision falling damage, abnormal. Non separation of small ball bearings, with one hand will support level, the inner ring spinning confirm whether smooth outer ring. Fine cleaning, bearing side rotation in the cleaning of oil, while carefully cleaned. In addition, the clean oil is always kept clean.
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