INA thrust angular contact ball bearing using introduced the method and principle of the grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Bearing grease ( Known as huang in oil, dry oil, butter, etc. ) , it is a kind of gel lubrication materials. On the bearing lubrication is widely used. Its advantage is easy to keep in INA bearings grease, not easy to leak, simple maintenance, can prevent moisture, dust and other harmful impurities in oil intensity is higher, can use longer term don't change. But the high rotational speed, friction loss is bigger, the thrust angular contact ball bearing temperature increased. Grease used under the condition of rotation speed and temperature. When choosing a grease, should consider the following aspects: 1. Bearing rotating speed depends on the speed, the higher the speed, should choose the bigger penetration of grease. 2. Imported bearing load according to the size of the load bearing, the greater the load should choose the smaller penetration of grease. For INA bearings under heavy load, should choose to join the increase of oil film, compressive ability add grease. 3. The working temperature of bearing and chosen according to the normal work of the bearing temperature grease, less than 10 ^ - the dropping point temperature of the grease 20`C。 For the work of using synthetic grease bearing excessive degree should be lower than 20 - drop point 30'C。 4. Bearing surroundings according to is smudgy degree condition such as choice of drink fat. According to the above several aspects, when imported bearing in gas is not easy to achieve, and external bad work environment, to no more than 4 - at the same time 5 m/s, generally used lubricating grease. Bearing lubrication in principle with other move thrust angular contact ball bearing lubrication, just work bearing, the premise is poor, its working function can obtain effective display to a great extent, depends on the situation of the lubrication of the bearing. Bearing lubrication methods mainly include grease lubrication and oil lubrication. Grease lubrication grease and seal, seal structure and lubrication action measures are simple, supplement the grease, so as long as the work if promise, grease lubrication bearings are generally used. Oil lubrication cooling effect is strong, and can be taken from INA bearings dirt and moisture. Imported bearing lubrication oil lubrication methods have pressure oil lubrication, oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication. Pressure oil lubrication is the most effective under the conventional speed bearing lubrication. Oil lubrication is the lubricating oil at a certain pressure through in INA bearing on one side of the nozzle spray into the bearing lubrication for inside, commonly used in the high-speed bearing, or pressure oil supply lubrication cooling requirement cannot be satisfied. Spray lubrication is to contain oil mist dry compressed air into the internal thrust angular contact ball bearing lubrication, use less oil, because of the effect of air, cooling effect is extremely strong, it is mainly used for large high speed and high precision of rolling bearing, or for not often remove the bearing in the INA bearing box. Pressure oil lubrication and oil lubrication needs to be installed into and out of the tubing, lubrication pump, oil reservoir, sometimes need to lube oil cooler, therefore, high capability, bearing less commonly use.
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