INA thrust angular contact ball bearing lubrication problem - bearing knowledge should be paid attention to

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
The installation of INA bearings must be in a dry, clean environment conditions. Before installation should carefully check the shaft and the shell surface, convex shoulder of end face and groove and the connection surface machining quality. All matching connection surface must be carefully cleaned and remove burrs, rough surface must remove all sand castings. Bearing installation should rotate after the test, first of all to the axis of rotation or bearing box, without exception, with a power of no load, low speed, then according to the condition of operation gradually increase the speed and load, and detection noise, vibration and temperature rise, found abnormal, should stop and check. Running test normal rear deliverables. Fill in the INA bearing configuration of lubricating base will gradually lose its lubrication performance. Therefore, we need to lubrication rank need to continuously add and update. Lubricant added time interval will be due to the formation of the thrust angular contact ball bearings, such as size and speed. 2. When installation does not allow drilling, grooving on imported bearings, chamfering, surfacing. Otherwise, easy to cause the import bearing ring deformation, affecting the service life of bearings and precision, and cutting off the metal is easy to enter the bearing working surface, accelerate the raceway and rolling element wear and tear, causing premature failure. 3. Pressure when installation should be added on the ring width of interference fit with installation, is installed on the shaft, the pressure should be added on the bearing inner ring end face; The load bearing hole, pressure should be added on the imported bearing outer ring end face. Don't allow through the rolling element and maintain delivery pressure. 4. For inner ring for tight fit, the bearing outer ring for slide fit, when installation, integral type person should be to belong to thrust angular contact ball bearing is installed on the shaft, then shaft together with the bearing load bearing shell hole; Department of separable type, inner and outer ring can be installed separately. 5. Installed to prevent bearing, shaft and bearing hole centerline must coincide. Such as the installation is not straight, need to reinstall, must through the inner ring end face, pull the INA bearings. INA bearing lubricating oil change cycle of lubricating oil change cycle due to the use condition and oil amount is different, in general, under the operating temperature of 50 ℃, less dust, when used under the good environment of change once a year, when the oil temperature reaches 100 ℃, be replaced every 3 months or less. Rotational speed of the INA bearings are mainly affected by the bearing friction inside the fever caused by the limitation of temperature rise, but after speed exceeds a certain limit, the bearing will can't continue to rotate for burns, etc. Thrust angular contact ball bearing limit rotational speed is not burned to produce friction heat and the threshold of the continuous rotation speed. Therefore, bearing limit speed depends on the type, size, and precision bearings and lubrication method, the quantity and quality of the lubricant, keep the frame material and a variety of factors such as type and load conditions.
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