INA combination bearing noise effect on the operation precision processing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
The first related to bearing manufacturing noise: including the cage noise and tremolo, maintains a noise occurs mainly in ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, when combined bearing rotation due to the vibration of the cage with roller and cage impact makes a noise. The sound is cyclical. Tremolo ( All kinds of bearing) There is a certain frequency of sound, is due to large raceway surface waviness caused by vibration. This kind of phenomenon is the most common problems, we need more attention to. In particular, we are learning some knowledge of INA bearings of students, to have a closer look at these key content, may have some help to you. Secondly noise caused by the improper use of the various kinds of bearings for all exist. When the rolling bearing raceway surface or body surface is damaged, pit corrosion, so can produce a certain cycle of noise and vibration. When bearing in operation will produce contamination noise have dust intrusion. This noise is cyclical, also with vibration, its sound size is not fixed, sometimes no. Inherent noise: the third race with all kinds of bearings and rolling friction is rolling bearing inherent noise, raceway is by the elastic properties of the rolling element and raceway contact, when combined bearing rotating roller rolling on the rolling and send out the voice of a continuous and smooth; Abnormal sound of rolling friction can be issued a 'tickle, tickle' uncomfortable metal friction abnormal sound, good lubrication, won't make such a sound. So in general is not a problem, only need to pay attention to increase noise after. INA bearings after installation in the host, such as measuring combination bearing spindle radial runout, can be found that the each measured value of a certain change; Continuous measurement, can be found that after a certain number of revolution, this change will approximately duplicated. Measure for cyclic rotation accuracy degree of the change, change the approximately duplicated the revolution, on behalf of cyclic rotation accuracy 'cycle', the value of the amplitude changed in quasi cycle, is the cycle rotation accuracy is poor. Such as the proper preload, on bearing spindle speed gradually rise to close to the working speed, on bearing the 'break-in' effect, can improve the circulation of the spindle rotation accuracy. Measuring the size of the shaft and bearing hole, in order to determine the matching precision of combination bearings, cooperate with the requirements as follows: the inner ring and shaft adopt interference fit, interference of 0 ~ + 4 microns ( At light load, high precision of 0) ; Outer ring and bearing hole clearance fit, the interval 0 ~ + 6 microns ( But on the free end bearing with angular contact ball bearing, still can increase the clearance) ; Shaft and hole surface roundness error in under 2 microns, bearing the face of baffle used parallelism in under 2 microns, shaft shoulder end foreign face beat in under 2 microns; Axis bearing hole block shoulder to beat under 4 microns; Spindle axis inside the front cover end face beat under 4 microns. Fixed end before the installation of the bearings on the shaft: INA bearings with clean to clean a thorough cleaning of kerosene, the grease lubrication, to contain 3% ~ 5% of organic solvent injection bearing grease for degreasing, cleaning and quantitative grease oil gun will fill in the bearing inner ( Accounts for 10% ~ 15%) of the bearing space volume ; Heating composite bearing made up of 20 ~ 30 ℃, bearing load shaft end with the hydraulic press, Will set casing pressure on the shaft and with appropriate pressure against bearing face makes its axial positioning; The lace will spring balance volume on the bearing outer ring, use the method of measuring start torque check is the preload of the regulation for substantial changes ( Even if the bearing is correct, but due to cooperate or cage, the deformation of the preload is also has the potential to change) 。
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