INA bearing repair and maintenance considerations - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Scroll INA bearings are precision components, use should be very careful. Even high quality INA bearings, if use undeserved, also won't get the expected effect. The use of INA bearings considerations are as follows. Maintain the cleanness of INA bearings and its surrounding environment even tiny dust invisible to the naked eye, also can bring bad influence to the INA bearing. So, to keep the surrounding clean, so they don't invade the INA bearing dust. Carefully use. In use for INA bearing strong impact, will produce scar or indentation, induce accidents. Serious, will cause crack, fracture, must pay attention. Use the special tool of INA bearings. Must use a special tool, free replacement. Avoid INA bearing rust. Operating INA bearings, hand sweat can lead to rust. Pay attention to the operation, with clean hands gloves as far as possible, pay attention to corrosive gas. 2. INA bearing installation is correct, directly affecting the service life of bearing used in precision, and performance. Therefore, design and installation of assembly department for INA bearing to fully study, carried out in accordance with the operation standard. Operation standard project usually is as follows: cleaning INA bearings and related parts to check the size of the parts and precision inspection INA bearings after installing fill lubricant hope when installed, open the INA bearing packing again. General grease lubrication, cleaning bearing, not directly fill grease. Oil lubrication, generally don't have to clean, however, instrument with or high speed with INA bearings, etc. , should clean with clean oil, remove rust inhibitor on INA bearings. Remove the rust inhibitor INA bearing, easy to rust, so can't put randomly. Also, has the INA bearing grease sealed, not directly use cleaning. Measures for the installation of INA bearings for bearing structure, cooperate, conditions vary, due to the more commonly as the axis of rotation, so the inner circle need interference fit. INA bearings, cylindrical hole multi-purpose press pressure into, or hot charging method. Taper hole, fixed on the cone shaft directly, or use the set set of installation. Installed to the INA bearing seat, by clearance fit, the outer ring has interference quantity, usually with the press into, or use after cooling installation method of the cold. Use dry ice as coolant, the cold installation, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of bearing. So you need to take rust prevention measures. 3. Check operation INA bearings after installation, in order to check the installation is correct, check for running. Small mechanical can rotate with the hand, to confirm whether to rotate smoothly. Check project has caused by foreign bodies, scars, creasing seized up, due to bad installation, installation of seat processing bad moment is not stable, because the clearance is too small, installation error, seal friction caused by the torque is too big, and so on. If there is no abnormal can start power operation. Large machinery from manual rotation, so after no-load start immediately cut off the power, machine idle, check whether there is presence of vibration, noise, rotating parts contact, etc. , confirmed after no abnormalities, into power operation. Dynamic operation, from the beginning of the no-load speed, slowly up to the rated operating conditions. Test run to check the items, whether there is abnormal sound, INA bearing temperature, lubricant leakage or discoloration, and so on. If discovery is unusual, should immediately stop, check machine, when it is necessary to remove the bearing inspection. INA bearing temperature, average according to the external temperature of the bearing. But using the oil hole directly measuring the temperature of the INA bearing outer ring more accurate. INA bearing temperature, from the beginning of the work gradually rise, usually 1 ~ 2 hours after the temperature stability. If INA bearings to install, the temperature will rise sharply, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as lubricant, INA bearing clearance is too small, too much bad installation, sealing device too much friction, etc. High-speed rotation, INA bearing structure, selection of lubrication method error is also the reason. INA bearing examination such as the rotation of the sound with a stethoscope, a strong metal noise, such as vision, irregular note that exception. Its reason has poor lubrication, shaft or INA precision bearing, bearing damage, foreign body intrusion, etc. 4. Remove in preventive maintenance, replacement need remove INA bearings. After disassembly, if you want to continue to use or still need to check in the process of the investigation disassembly and installation as cautious. Careful not to damage the bearing and parts, especially the removal of interference fit bearing, operation difficulty is big, so at the design stage to consider in advance to facilitate disassembly. According to the need to design disassembly tool is also very important. Disassembly, removal methods, according to drawing order, with the survey INA bearing conditions, in order to remove the work smoothly.
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