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In bearing, bearing of brushless motor maintenance knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
The stand or fall of brushless motor depends on the life of a bearing, when bearing is broken after basic will not be able to use the machine. In my 5055 motor speed thousands of abnormal noise and vibration when I judge is bearing was broken, so I want for my 5055 motor bearing need to be replaced. Tools/raw material circlip circlip pliers, a screwdriver, small, tweezers, a thin short axis, 12 mm socket, cylinder diameter 20 mm ( I use the bearing in place of) 5055, hammer brushless motor method 1 first to a family portrait! Read step 2 with circlip pliers gently take the circlip, steps to read read 3 carefully take steps reading reading under 4 bearing washer with a screwdriver from crevice in them, with the click of a boat. Turn right or left with a screwdriver with smooth down from the stator rotor, if there is a point card, put the rotor to back, small setback to rub down the shaft. Steps to read read five take down the stator, and then the large bearing pads make bearing mouth on the stator bearing on the ground, with a small rotor shaft into the hole in the oblique bearing inner ring, vigorously smash! Note: the up and down or so evenly to hit, hit the number of times the strength to uniform. Steps reading steps reading steps reading reading reading smashed down so the top bearing. Try the bearing under bad not bad, if you don't bad you don't have to change. Is broken down in. Because the bottom bearing outside diameter is 12 mm, so I use 12 mm socket mat underneath according to just hit the top bearing under the methods to remove bearing. Steps reading reading steps reading reading steps reading reading steps reading reading 7 well, it's down. Steps reading reading steps reading model in the August then see bearing go a treasure to buy a few change according to the same type. ( A treasure to search keywords: model bearing inner diameter x x thick)
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