Imported bearing lubrication purpose and the relationship between the bearing life, bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Basic divided into fatigue life, the service life of the bearing's life and wear life, failure life. 1. Fatigue life: bearing main moving part of material limits, cause bearing failure before the total time. Dynamic load rating: when life expectancy of 10000 RPM, bearing can bear the load. Equivalent dynamic load: refers to the imported bearing dynamic load operation conditions are determined according to the actual load conversion for the assumption of the load. 2. : life is the life of three general formulation, it refers to the fatigue life of bearing in theory, under normal conditions of use of bearing wear life, in the condition of abnormal, make no defect, on behalf of the failure life. 3. Due to normal wear, wear life: bearing clearance increases to the cumulative working hours before the limit prescribed. In terms of today's bearing industrial level, should wear life & gt; Fatigue life, but actually, traction motor is just the opposite. 4. Failure life: bearing failure, that is, loss of ability to work before the cumulative working hours. Then again! What's the relationship between the bearing life and bearing lubrication, look at the purpose of the bearing lubrication everybody: bearing lubrication purpose: 1. Extend the fatigue life. Import of fatigue life of rolling bearing, in the rotation, good lubrication performance of the rolling contact surface, are extended. This is the biggest benefit lubricated bearing, can increase the fatigue life, extend the life of the bearing. 2. Reduce friction and friction losses. In the form of bearing ring, rolling body and touch each other part of the retainer, prevent metal contact, reduce friction and wear. 3. Discharge frictional heat and cooling cycle to oil can discharge by friction heat, oil, or from external heat from the cooling. To prevent hotbox, prevent aging oil itself. 4. Other colleagues lubricated bearing into bearing internal also have to check a foreign body, or prevent the effect of bearing rust and corrosion. Imported bearing grease choice must consider from the following aspects: 1. Rust resistance corrosion inhibitor is best can not dissolve in water. Should grease has excellent adhesion, used in imported bearings grease must have antirust effect. And a layer of oil film can be formed in the steel surface. 2. Mechanical stability to leak. During normal operation, oil will become soft in machining. Grease can by bearing to import bearings. If the mechanical stability of the oil is insufficient, operation process, can make the structure of the soap grease mechanical disruption of oil was damage, and loss of lubrication. 3. Import bearing oil seal in the process of operation, import bearing oil seal is necessary maintenance and lubricant from the barrier of external contamination. Regardless of sundry or moisture can penetrate into the import bearings, in case of causing damage to it. The correct device goes is one of the important factors play an import bearing the longest service life. At the same time, must pay attention to the purity of the bearings, imported bearings of correctness and choose the proper installation and maintenance tools. In addition, the bearings must prevent contamination by pollutants and moisture, and ensure the right device and lubrication. So the import bearing with column design, the status of the oil seal, type of lubricants and lubrication cycle, and special care are the same and important role. 4. Mixed oil if two incompatible oil mixture, never can't compatible to the oil to mix. Usually will soften its consistency, finally may be imported bearing damage caused by oil easily lost. If you don't know which bearing the original use of grease, is required to completely remove import bearings inside and outside of the old oil, can add new grease. 5. The classification of the grease lubrication grease consistency and ability is operating under a certain temperature under the influence of working temperature of imported bearings must choose under the same temperature has the correct consistency and good lubrication effect of oils and fats. Oil is made of different working temperature range can be roughly divided into low, medium temperature and high temperature with grease. At the same time, mainly according to the temperature and the working conditions to distinguish: oil can be classified according to its allowable working temperature. There is a certain type of oils and fats known as resistance to squeeze or extrusion and add molybdenum disulfide, at the same time, among them with additives to enhance the strength of the lubricating oil film. 6. Choose grease the important factor in choosing a grease, if the wrong choice grease all measures to prevent imported bearing is useless. Base oil viscosity in the working temperature is it is important to be able to provide adequate lubrication effect of viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, the temperature rise and fall, when the temperature drop is increased. Therefore, it is necessary to know the working temperature of base oil viscosity. Machinery manufacturers are usually specified use some grease, however most of the standard grease applicable range is very wide. Such as vibration and the direction of the main shaft is horizontal or vertical. Cooling condition; The sealing effect; Peripheral environment. The following important factors is that the choice of grease: mechanical type; Import bearing type and size; Working temperature; Working load; Speed range; Working condition.
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