Impact IKO self-aligning ball bearing maintenance method, and the reason of the service life of the bearings of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
First of all, the restrictions on the size of the bearing. Self-aligning ball bearing can usually install space is limited. In most cases, it is based on mechanical design or other design limitations. IKO bearing type and size, so the selection decision is based on the diameter of the bearing. Therefore, the main dimensions of the standard self-aligning ball bearing table are compiled according to international standard diameter size. In many forms of standard bearing size, preferably in mechanical equipment design using the standard selection of self-aligning ball bearing, size, direction is changing. Normally, the size of the basic load rating displayed in the table. However, axial load and radial load, etc. , can also choose the appropriate self-aligning ball bearing is an important factor. Size quite a long time, IKO bearings generally have higher load capacity and large vibration and shock loads. Second, the speed of the bearing. Allow speed is based on the self-aligning ball bearing type, size, precision, cage, load, lubrication, cooling factors such as determined. IKO bearing table lists under the bearing lubricating oil and grease standard accuracy allowed by the speed. Typically, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing is suitable for high speed applications. Three, self-aligning ball bearing tolerance. Self-aligning ball bearing dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy is based on the international organization for standardization ( ISO) And JIS standards. High precision, high speed machine, it is suggested that in five years or more accurate self-aligning ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearing or cylindrical roller bearing is suitable for the higher the accuracy of the machine. Rigidity, self-aligning ball bearing roller and raceway contact pressure will produce elastic deformation. Some machines need to reduce the elastic deformation. Than the ball bearing roller bearings have a small elastic deformation. Maintain IKO bearing also must grasp the following points: 1, regular inspection using state, watch parts whether there are abnormal noise and local temperature rise sharply phenomenon; 2, regular, quantitative filling of lubricating oil or grease as required; 3, according to the vehicle usage, at least once every six months to completely replace the lubricating oil, and the review; 4, maintenance inspection method: to remove the wash clean with kerosene or gasoline, look carefully, both inside and outside cylinder for sliding or creep phenomenon, inner and outer raceway surface spalling, pitting, rolling element and cage for wear and deformation, etc. , according to the comprehensive situation of IKO bearing inspection, determine whether to continue to use.
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