IKO one-way bearing fit and knowledge - bearing load type of relationship

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
The first consideration when choosing cooperate, ring load bearing type. Usually ring load bearing type has the following three conditions: 1 fixed load in the synthesis of radial load on the ring, the ring raceway on the local area, and to the shaft or IKO one-way and the relative area of the bearing, the load is called fixed load. Fixed load characteristic is synthesized radial load vector and the relative static ring. Ring radial load and synthesis are not turning turning are fixed at the same speed or load. Under fixed load ring can choose loose fit. 2 rotating load on the ring of the synthesis of radial load, race along circumferential direction, progressive by each place, under this load is called rotating load. Rotating load characteristic is synthesized radial load vector rotate relative to the ring. Rotating load has the following three conditions: ( 1) Fixed load direction, ring rotation. ( 2) Load vector rotation, ring stationary; ( 3) Load vector and ring to rotate at different speeds. Sometimes 3 oscillating load and variable load load cannot be exactly determine the direction and size of, for example in high-speed rotating machinery, in addition to the direction of the rotor weight under fixed load, and rotating load caused by uneven quality, if the load is much bigger than the fixed load rotation, the synthesis load is still rotating load; And if the rotating load than fixed load, the synthetic load for oscillating load. Regardless of rotating load or oscillating load, its size and direction are constantly changing. In variable work condition, some ring by load when possible but rotating load, but the fixed load, and the oscillating load. This load is called variable load. Oscillating load and variable load on the cooperation should be equal to rotating load, too loose fit will result in mating surface damage. Relative to the loading direction of the ring with the shaft or hole, should choose transition fit or interference fit. Size can be made to IKO one-way bearing work under load, the ring at the hole with the shaft or does not produce 'creeping' phenomenon on the surface for the principle. In the load is very light, or under the heavy load ring occasionally rotates at low speed, can choose transition fit, the shaft surface should have a higher hardness and low surface roughness. For heavy load, usually should be lighter than the load and normal load situations fit as tight. The heavy load, the interference should be.
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