IKO oil-free bearings have the corrosion reason and corrosion prevention methods introduced - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Oilless bearing using water-soluble cutting fluid, the user will arrange work harder in machine tool maintenance and management, to control the generation of erosion, and basically eliminate erosion. To prevent water erosion on metal surface, should often to adequate lubrication of machine tools, to the important parts of the machine tool daub grease. Oil-free bearings under the use of accurate, can have a long life. If premature damage, on the very may be due to selection errors, caused by improper use, or bad lubrication. When installing a IKO bearings, therefore, we need to on-site, machine type, installation, use the premise and near to cooperate. Through research summarizes the type of bearing damage, when the topic of using the environment, in order to avoid similar situation from happening again. Properly control the concentration of the cutting fluid, when the machine shutdown, with cutting fluid flush clean surface of machine tools, and to open the machine cover, moist air to disperse the machine work area. To prevent the occurrence of electric erosion, should be on the metal surface onto a waterproof layer of lubricating grease. And should make the machine strictly grounding, only is not enough to make the electrical cabinet earthing, in order to avoid bacteria breeding and reproduction, should be timely clean or replace cutting fluid, timely removal of chip, and want to use soft water ( Low mineral content of pure water) Dilute concentrate cutting. Oilless bearing in addition to the quality, also belong to the very precision parts, is not only the bearing high function, if in the process of using improper use, not only cannot achieve the expected function effect, and make the IKO bearing damage very easily, you sure have pay attention to in terms of lubrication. A, when using the installation to be really careful not to allow powerful punch, do not allow to tap directly with vertical bearing, passed on to move body pressure is not allowed. 2, using the appropriate and correct installation tools use a special tool, as far as possible to avoid use cloth class and short fiber, things like that. 3, try to keep the bearing and its around environment clean dust into the bearing even invisible to the naked eye smile, also can increase the wear and tear of IKO bearings, vibration and noise. Four, to prevent rusting IKO bearing directly with the hand take bearing, to fully wash hands fluid, and manipulation of the reentry after coated with the high quality mineral oils, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay more attention to rust. In some special control premise, oil-free bearings can get more than the life of the traditional computing, especially in the case of light load. The manipulation of these special premise is, when moving surface ( Track and move) Can be separated by a lubricating oil film effectively and the surface of the limit of pollutants may cause damage. In fact, on the premise of the ideal, the so-called permanent IKO bearing life is possible.
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