IKO non-standard bearing lubrication method the performance impact of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
When testing the virtues of chrome steel and stainless steel as a bearing material, found that they are not only have antirust function. Chrome steel is one of the most common non-standard bearing material. It is more hard than stainless steel, so the service life is longer. At higher temperatures, however, its performance is not good. Under the high temperature of 120 c, it will happen enormous deformation, load decrease. Continues the high temperature of 150 c it also can stand, but the moment 150 c or higher temperature will reduce IKO bearing's life. Heat treatment can make the bearing instant high temperature of 170 c. Bearing lubrication purpose is to reduce the non-standard bearing internal friction and the friction losses, prevent burning stick, its lubrication effect is as follows. ⑴。 Reduce friction and friction losses. In a IKO bearing ring, rolling body and touch each other part of the retainer, prevent metal contact, reduce friction and wear. ⑵。 Extend the fatigue life. IKO bearing fatigue life of rolling, in the rotation, good lubrication performance of the rolling contact surface, are extended. On the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, the thickness of lube film is not good, is shortened. ⑶。 Discharge frictional heat and cooling cycle to oil can discharge by friction heat, oil, or from external heat from the cooling. To prevent hotbox, prevent aging oil itself. ⑷。 Other also has to prevent foreign matter into the bearing internal, or to prevent rust and corrosion effect. Rolling bearing lubrication in general can be divided into oil according to use kinds of lubricant grease lubrication, and three categories and solid lubrication. Including lubricating oil has a wider temperature range than other lubrication way, more suitable for the work under the condition of high speed and high load bearing; At the same time, because the oil lubrication also has convenient equipment maintenance and replacement of lubricants, the friction pair in the system such as gear can at the same time the advantages of lubrication, so far, non-standard bearing lubrication is most common. Grease a simplified sealing device, low maintenance cost, and low cost advantages, grease temperature operating in low speed, medium speed, IKO bearings used in common. Especially in recent years anti-wear additives, improve the lubrication performance of the fat, the fat lubrication has been more widely used. If you use oil lubrication and can not meet the required bearing grease lubrication conditions, or failing to meet specific working conditions, you can use solid lubricant, or try to improve the lubrication performance of bearing itself. Bearing causes of noise is more complex, one is the bearing inner and outer surface wear. Due to the wear and tear, damage the IKO bearing and shell, rolling bearing and shaft cooperate relationship, lead to axis deviation from the correct position, when axis at high speed movement produces sound. When non-standard bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake, also can produce sound make bearing radial clearance increases.
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