IKO import bearing failure judgment and replace measures - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
1, the contact fatigue failure contact fatigue failure is IKO import bearings working surface under the role of alternating stress and failure. Contact fatigue spalling occurred in bearing working surface, often accompanied by fatigue crack, first of all, from the maximum cyclic shear stress under contact surface, and then extended to form a different flake shape, such as dot to pitting corrosion or pitting spalling, peel into small sheet according to the shallow flaking. Due to spalling surface expands gradually, and often to deep extension, forming deep spalling. Deep spalling is contact fatigue failure of fatigue source. 2, wear failure wear failure refers to the relative sliding friction between the surface lead to constant wear and tear of the working surface of the metal, resulting in failure. Continuous wear will cause bearing parts damaged, gradually and eventually result in the loss IKO import bearing dimensional accuracy and other related issues. Wear may affect the shape change, the increase of fit clearance and working surface morphology change, may affect the lubricant or make its pollution to a certain degree of lubrication function is lost, so that loss of bearing rotating accuracy and will not operate properly. Wear failure is one of the common failure modes of all kinds of bearings, according to the wear and tear is usually divided into one of the most common form of abrasive wear and adhesive wear. 1) Instrument detection using SPM or new VIB05 detector, such as iron spectrometer to determine the bearing running state, to judge whether should carry out maintenance or replacement, is the most convenient and reliable method. When using VIBO5 detector, for example, it is a microprocessor based on the latest design machine status testing instrument, equipped with vibration testing, IKO import bearing status analysis and infrared temperature measurement function. Its operation is simple, automatic indicator status report to the police, very suitable for field testing equipment, equipment operation, and maintenance personnel find problems in time, ensure normal and reliable operation. Use of such instruments, can make full use of bearing working potential, and in a timely manner will be bearing the warranty, and can avoid failure, more suitable for young workers, in order to make up for the inadequacy of their experience. 2) Artificial detection in place does not have the above instruments, can use a similar medical stethoscope device adapted to monitor tool for testing, experienced operators can also through the round bar or wrench tools such as contravene the closest bearing machine shell parts, through the tools to monitor the bearing running with ears. Normal working of IKO import bearings should be even and smooth and not sharp, and the abnormal working of bearing ring is intermittent, impact or harsh voice. This way is suitable for more experienced staff, mainly depends on the workers experience.
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