Grate cooler spindle bearing wear repair should be so simple, refresh my knowledge through - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology is the use of carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and corresponding repair process online repair of large axle wear. Repair process is simple: the reducer shaft wear and use control concentricity sauvy blow grind repair process, and then applied directly to a specific part of the coordination polymer materials, carbon nanotubes depend on parts cooperate relationship, to repair the matching surface, to 100% of the fitting surface, satisfies the requirement of fastening equipment, to avoid the existence of space meet the operation requirements. Its advantage is good cohesive force, good pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and have metal comprehensive mechanics performance of elastic deformation and so on to realize online repair, repair with high efficiency. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer material similar to a cold welding technology, on-line repairing process does not produce high temperature, good to protect equipment from damage of ontology, and not be restricted by wear is in the process of repair. To sum up, sauvy industrial bearings wearing aspects of carbon nano polymer materials to repair repair with high efficiency, realize the online repair, repair cost is low, to the enterprise equipment maintenance maintenance provides a powerful solution, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. Sauvy grate cooler industrial carbon nano polymer materials to repair the spindle bearing wear of step 1. Repair parts surface oil removal; 2. Surface polishing treatment; 3. Using the sauvy blow grind repair process control repair concentricity, axial and radial size basic recovery; 4. Blow grind materials after curing, the size of the blow to verify datum after research; 5. Bearing inner ring brush SD7000 release agent, dry; 6. Mixed right amount sauvy industrial SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials, and uniform coating repair parts; 7. Bearing installation, curing materials put into operation after operation. Sauvy industrial the grate cooler at the site of main shaft bearing wear case pictures shaft diameter of 260 mm, wear width of 180 mm, the wear depth more than 2 mm, straight shaft, shaft key, bearings after installation, axial positioning, speed within 20 RPM, running under heavy load environment.
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