Germany FAG bearing dismantling skills - bearing knowledge maintenance method

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Unscrew the fixed bolt of the bearing. Germany FAG import bearings together with the bearing seat away from the axis. Shall I bearing bolts loosen, on the other end of the shaft to avoid each other on both ends of the bearing strength, do not damage. With Allen wrench to loosen the first German FAG bearing eccentricity on the lock screw, and then with a small iron rod inserted into the roof sink hole on the eccentric sleeve, against the direction of the axis of rotation to play loose eccentric sleeve. A lot of people in the installation of the bearing use improper installation method, cause the damage of Germany FAG bearings. So how to correct the installation of the bearings? Hope everyone more comprehensive understanding of the bearing installation and disassembly: for clearance fit, the bearing ring is recommended to mating surface coated with a thin layer of peristalsis etchant, in case of friction between mating surface corrosion. Series 390000, outer spherical bearing is through the eccentric sleeve bearing inner ring with fixed axis, eccentric sleeve on the socket head cap screw fastening effect. In maintenance, a lot of machinist will not tear open outfit this Germany FAG bearings, so it is necessary to introduce the mounting series 390000, the main technical points of the outer spherical bearing and the matters needing attention: the correct installation, for the use of Germany FAG bearings is very important. I hope you can in the later use with correct installation method. When installation, can according to its type and size, select machinery, such as heating or hydraulic method. When installed on the bearing force, never can be passed on from a roller bearing ring to another German FAG bearing ring, otherwise it may cause damage to the race. But in any case, all can't knock directly bearing ring, cage, rolling body or seals. Eccentric sleeve. The eccentric sleeve installation is firm, finally lock eccentric sleeve on the socket head cap screw. Fixed Germany FAG bearing bolts do not tighten, let bearing coat in bearing internal energy. Then good bearing bolts. Also installed on the same shaft, on the other side of the bearing and shaft turning laps, Germany FAG bearings automatic alignment position itself. Coating on surface of the bearing and the bearing lubricating oil, Germany FAG bearing load bearing. Pushed to the required location for installation. To shaft installation before Germany FAG bearings, you must first remove the bearing a coat of fixed pin, the shaft neck at the same time clean exterior burnish is smooth, and in the shaft neck oil anti-rust and lubrication ( Allows for a slightly bearings on the shaft rotation) 。 1, to turn the fan on the dust cleaning clean, avoid during the installation process have any dust into the bearing; 2, the bearing sealing adhesive peel off, remove the card pin shaft; 3, the residual oil within the bearing with a clean cotton paper or soft cloth to wipe clean, then put the rod is clean; 4, within the bearing with a little butter, principle is rather less not more in order to avoid serious impact speed; 5, then cans aluminum skin cut as big as bearing card pin diameter cut one wafer, and in the middle can dig a just through the shaft rod holes, pad between the bearing and the card pin, it reduce the bearing axial distance and parallel movement. Such as the gap is bigger, will mat several thickening, bearing in 0 distances before and after. The following 5 mm; 6, the sealed oil seal, add a bit of butter, finally will be back to the graphics card fan. Try the power is connected, you will find that the voice is much smaller, and thus can be used at least two years. But need to remind, although sounds small, but because the manual precision co. , LTD. , fall a bit speed slightly.
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