Extend the life of the needle roller bearing method

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Needle roller bearing is easily influenced by environment, cause bearing contamination, rust, deformation, etc. , this will reduce the use of the bearing life, we all hope that the life of the needle roller bearing can be used longer, and if the damage can also affect our use, then we all got to do, prolongs the service life of bearing ability, take a look at. Cleaning: in addition to the double sealed bearing cover, other have added some anti-rust oil bearing in the factory, to clean before use, usually is to put the bearing into 8 - mixed in 10% mineral oil in gasoline, rotating took inner ring the opposite hand to wash the outer bearing surface rust inhibitor, the bearings can't rotate after washing clean, let the gasoline volatilization, smooth smooth oil or grease injection, do not stick on dust, moisture, hand sweat, lest affect rotation accuracy and rust. Handling: device shaft or hole should be light, no burr, serious can measure the diameter of the shaft or hole with specifications, identify bearing datum, about mounted on the shaft bearing ring, hoping to force, only in a hole in the bearing, the forces on the outer ring, the strength should be the average spread on the ring width circumference, avoid by all means is single punches, loading and unloading of interference quantity larger bearings, the bearing should be used in preheating method stop, heating temperature - in 90 Between 100 ℃. Storage conditions: bearing cannot be exposed to air, consignment warehouse custody should stick to clean, dry and indoor inventory air relative humidity is not more than 55%, the temperature should be suitable for, fold the letter after temporarily without the bearing should be oil seal, should also prevent the corrosive substance, such as acid, alkali and chemical put together. Transportation: needle roller bearing in handling to prevent knock against, drop deformation and damage.
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