Excavator slewing big wheel repair and maintenance skills knowledge sharing - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
The maintenance of the big wheel turning big wheel part includes slewing ring gear, deceleration machine, the center section. We usually open the big arm base plate, beside a big gear ring cavity can be observed lubrication condition, and the abrasion of gear ring. With the use of the machine, the rotary center section of the shield can appear aging, such as in rainy days, rain will follow the rotary center section leak seeped into the big gear ring cavity, the rotary water. This will greatly affect the love machine service life of the slewing ring gear. Excavators in excavator working process, the butter in the cavity due to the dilution of water, lubrication effect was not up to standard, exacerbate gear ring wear, the foreign minister soaking time can make the ring gear feng spalling, eventually led to the slewing ring. The most serious is the ring gear failure. Liugong excavator inspection and maintenance: general rotary gear check and lubricating oil change cycle or one year for every 2000 hours, 20 tons machine butter filling amount to about 36 litres per person ( Two barrels) 。 Base on a regular basis to open the big arm, the front frame, four square lid to check gear ring and lubrication conditions. Maintenance or water to the bottom of the drivers X aerial open the cover plate release water in the cavity. Slewing bearing maintenance and preventive maintenance in slewing bearing on user widespread misunderstanding, think the slewing bearing lubricating oil with big forearm lubrication cycle is the same, every day to play. Instead, such as have played an important role in the opposite actually. If the lubrication cycle is too short, can make the bearing lubricating oil too much, thus broken shield leak out. For leaks at the same time also can have impurities into the bearing internal, never damage the bearing function. Caterpillar recommends slewing bearing lubrication is every 250 hours. Butter, at the same time with up and down in the taxi to rotating machines at the same time, every 15 ° to play a full gun lubricating oil is enough. In different applications can be adjusted according to the strength of your homework properly lubrication cycle, lubricate it in about 1 week.
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