Entity ring bearing is analysed

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Entity ferrule needle roller bearing is composed of one or two ring and retainer of needle group. It has small volume and high bearing capacity. Therefore, this kind of bearing can meet the light weight, small footprint, transmission power requirements. According to different applications, can be used with inner ring or without inner ring of the bearing. Outer ring double guard ( Or double lock ring) With NA, NKI type cage needle bearing can install the inner ring and outer ring ( Lock ring, a full set of needle roller and cage) , high access speed, single row and double row two. If the shaft cannot be used as a race, when the shaft hardening with grinding can not or not economic, can adopt this kind of needle roller bearings with inner ring. 1, without inner ring with cage needle bearing edit NA, NKI type bearing without inner ring is the RNA, NK type needle roller bearings. This kind of bearing inner ring, applicable to the limited size of the radial installation supporting structure, and the suitable journal bearing directly as a rolling surface. As the raceway surface axis, must quenching hardware and grinding, and only the processing to the appropriate size and shape, precision needle roller bearing to higher life and operation of a complete set of precision. At the same time, because there is no inner ring, so that the diameter of the shaft can be appropriately increase, thus increasing the rigidity. 2, with or without inner ring sealing needle bearing edit single side or double side sealing needle bearing can effectively prevent the intrusion of dirt, the bearings have to fill in the right amount of lithium grease. This kind of bearing inner ring than the outer ring width, which makes the bearings on the shaft relative bearing box has also can ensure good seal when micro displacement and avoid bearing contaminated. Bearing inner ring has lubricating oil hole, can need according to the configuration, supplement by outer or inner ring lubrication. Above is the small make up to introduce entity ferrule needle roller bearing, hope can help to everybody!
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