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Ensure accuracy of double row deep groove ball bearings of the basic protective measures

by:Waxing     2020-08-31
Bearing should be taken before installation with petrol or kerosene wash clean, dry after use, and to ensure good lubrication, double row deep groove ball bearings with grease lubrication commonly, also can be used lubricating oil. Using grease lubrication, should choose without impurities, antioxidant, antirust, extreme pressure grease function such as superior. Grease filling quantity for bearings and bearing box - 30% of the volume 60%, unfavorable and overmuch. With sealing structure of double row deep groove ball bearing has good filling grease, users can directly use, shall not be clean. Bearing installation, bearing must equal pressure on the circumference of the ring width, to press the ring into, can not use ð ¨ +  top tools directly on bearing face, in order to avoid damage In the case of a small amount of interference, but at room temperature with the sleeve pin bearing ring end face, with a ð ¨ +  head banging on sleeve, through the sleeve ring is balanced If large quantities of installation, can use hydraulic press. Fashionable, should guarantee the outer end face and the shell shoulder end face, inner ring end face and the shaft shoulder end face pressure, do not allow to have clearance. ( 1) Measuring the size of the shaft and bearing hole, to determine with precision of the bearing, cooperate with requirements as follows: take the interference fit, inner ring on the shaft interference was 0 ~ + 4 microns ( At light load, high precision of 0) ; Outer ring and bearing hole clearance fit, the interval 0 ~ + 6 microns ( But on the free end bearing with angular contact ball bearing, still can increase the clearance) ; Shaft and hole surface roundness error in under 2 microns, double row deep groove ball bearings used in space ring end face parallelism in under 2 microns, shaft shoulder end foreign face beat in under 2 microns; Axis bearing hole block shoulder to beat under 4 microns; Spindle axis inside the front cover end face beat under 4 microns. ( 2) Fixed end before the installation of the bearings on the shaft, double row deep groove ball bearings with the kerosene used to clean the clean thoroughly clean, for grease lubrication, to contain 3% ~ 5% of organic solvent injection bearing grease for degreasing, cleaning and quantitative grease oil gun will fill in the bearing inner ( Accounts for 10% ~ 15%) of the bearing space volume ; Heat bearing the heat up 20 ~ 30 ℃, using hydraulic press the bearing into shaft end; Will set casing pressure on the shaft and with appropriate pressure against bearing face makes its axial positioning; The lace will spring balance volume on the bearing outer ring, use the method of measuring start torque check is the preload of the regulation for substantial changes ( Even double row deep groove ball bearing is correct, but due to cooperate or cage deformation, load also has the potential to change) 。
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