Cleaning is widespread, matters needing attention of rolling bearing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
1. Bearing cleaning new bearing, most of them are coated with grease. The oil bearing is mainly used for preventing rust, not lubrication, therefore, must be thoroughly cleaned to install and use. Cleaning method is: every use anti-rust oil seal bearing, can use petrol or kerosene wash. In thick oil and antirust oil bearing such as industrial use vaseline rust, oil or can use first 10 transformer oil heating dissolving cleaning ( The oil temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃) , immerse bearing oil. Stay antirust oil dissolve out after cooling, and then clean with gasoline or kerosene. All gas phase agent, rust water and other water soluble antirust materials rust bearing, usable soap base other cleaning agents, such as 6503, 6501 and 664, peregal, cleaner. Clean with gasoline or kerosene, one hand hold bearing inner ring, on the other hand slowly rotate the outer ring, until the bearing rolling element and raceway, keep the oil on the shelf after wash, and then wash clean the surface of the bearing outer ring. When cleaning should also note that start time turning slowly, reciprocating swing, not too firm rotation, otherwise, the bearing raceway and rolling body easy dirt injury is attached. Bearing cleaning for the larger quantity, in order to save gasoline, kerosene, and ensure the quality of cleaning, can be divided into coarse and fine cleaning step or two. Remove the bearing for the inconvenience, available to tears wash oil. To a temperature of 90 ° - namely - - - - - - 100 ℃ heat oil pour very hot, the old oil, melting with iron hook or small spoon dig net of the bearing in the old oil, then use kerosene bearing internal clean the remnants of the old oil, engine oil, with gasoline finally rinse again can. Bearing cleaning quality by touch test. After bearing is clean, careful observation, in the outer ring rolling, rolling element and cage in the tiny crevice will always have some of the remaining oil. Inspection, can use first scrape clean feeler of the remaining oil, on the thumb, index finger rub grind slowly, back and forth between your fingers if a rustling noise, bearing is not clean, should wash it again. Finally take in hand, bearing rotation (hold inner ring and outer ring upon level Large bearing can be applied on the stage, inner ring mat mat, outer ring hung up, the pressure inside the circle, rotate the outer ring) To rotating flexible, no blocking, no jumpy as qualified. To wash good bearing, after add lubricant, should be in the assembly stage, the following pad with clean cloth or paper pad, covered with plastic sheets, for assembly, do not allow the on the ground or boxes. Move bearing, are not allowed to directly use hand, canvas gloves should be worn or wrap the bearing with a clean cloth after another, otherwise, because the hand khan gas, moisture, make the bearing produce fingerprint rust easily after contact. On both sides with dust cover or seal bearing, and coated with rust, lubrication and oil bearing, because at the time of manufacture has been injected with grease, so don't wash before installation, for example, the workers and peasants - 12, red guard - Type 12 hand drag and dongfanghong tractor clutch with 20 51708 ZHS ( The original code, 688808) Bearings. 2. Shaft and bearing shell hole cleaning and other parts to clean with gasoline or kerosene, dry cloth to wipe clean, then coated with a small amount of oil and to facilitate installation. These parts after cleaning, should be paid attention to all who have sand casting will be completely clear; Who cooperate with bearing on the parts of burr Angle, must take out, in order to prevent sand residue and metal debris to fall into the bearing internal when installation, affect the assembly quality. 1. Considerations for inner and outer ring separable bearing, don't put the quality of outer ring exchange mistake so as not to affect the contact each other. Raises the heart ball and spherical roller bearings, and may not arbitrarily put out the rolling element bearing mix, in order to avoid the installation location disorder affecting accuracy. Installing a bearing, for ease of review the bearing code, not wrong, it should be literally put out and installation of bearing ring. 2. The heating of bearing and bearing shell hole for interference quantity is large, medium and large bearing for ease of installation, must be put before heating; For a tight fit light metal bearing shell hole ( Such as aluminum bearing) , because the hardness is low, in order to prevent pressure bearing outer ring trendy scratches the surface of the bearing shell hole, hair, should also be heating installation. Heating method, are usually separated type bearing or bearing ring, in a clean the oil tank, the oil flooded bearing, uniform heating. Temperature of 80 - At 90 ℃, remove rub-up, strike the installation. The fuel tank available 2 - 3 mm thick plate, from the bottom of 50 - With a 70 mm high porous plate, bearing on the perforated plate heat. Its purpose is to avoid precipitation impurities into the bearing oil. However, for the two sides with a dust cover or seal bearing, has in manufacturing has joined the lubricant, the early stage of the installation can't heating.
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