Choose the basic principles of lubricating oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Equipment specifications for lubricating the norms is the basis of equipment to choose oil, without instructions or rules, use of equipment units of their choice. When selecting product should follow the following principles: a. Speed: the higher the speed of the transfigure into oil wedge, can choose low viscosity lubricating oil to ensure that the existence of the oil film. Selects the viscosity is too high, are produced by the impedance of the big, calorific value, can lead to high temperature. Low speed, on viscosity of oil bearing load, should choose high viscosity of lubricating oil. b。 Select the bearing load, the greater the average load lubricating oil viscosity is higher. Should consider oil of low speed and heavy loading allows the bearing capacity. c。 Working temperature: the temperature change is big, should choose high viscosity index of oil, high temperature under the working conditions should be chosen with high viscosity and flash point, oily and oxidation stability is good, have corresponding oil additives. Under the condition of low temperature work should choose water with low viscosity, low solidifying point of less resistance to low temperature of the oil. d。 Working environment: damp environment and environment of the aerosol should choose strong demulsibility, oily and good anti-rust oil, dust dust seal should be paid attention to the larger environment. Corrosive gas environment should choose a product with good corrosion resistance. (4) lubrication work of the 'five' 'three filtering equipment lubrication work' 'five set' filter 'three' is the daily lubrication technology management work standardization, standardization, guarantee the effective method to do a good job of the equipment lubrication. Its content is: five: a. Fixed: determine the lubrication part of each device and the lubrication points. Implementation of fixed point for oil. b。 Qualitative: determine the equipment needed for the lubrication part oil varieties, grades and quality requirements, the oil quality must be qualified after test. c。 Quantitative: make sure each time the number of fuel oil change to oil parts, the fuel consumption quota management and quantitative oil change. d。 : on a regular basis to determine the lubrication parts add oil change period, in accordance with the provisions, cycle oil, add oil and washing oil change, for a large quantity of oil storage tank, in accordance with the provisions in the cycle of sampling test, determine the sample and oil change time next time. e. Personal: make sure operators, maintenance workers, lubrication workers of equipment lubrication part oil, add oil, and cleaning oil change of division of labor, individual, complete equipment lubrication. Three filters: a. Warehousing filtering: the oil by the filtering of transportation warehousing storage. b。 When injection lubrication container being distributed filtering: oil filter. c。 Oil filter: the oil into the oil filter parts. (5) equipment lubrication should possess good conditions: a. All lubrication device, such as nozzle, oil cup, oil, oil pump and pipeline system is complete, clean and nice, smooth; b。 All lubrication part, lubrication points according to embellish the diagram 'five set' for refueling, eliminate the phenomenon of lack of oil dry grinding; c。 Velvet, felt complete clean oil, placed correctly; d。 Oil and coolant is not bad, not mixed, conform to the requirements; e. Sliding and rotation, and other important parts clean, thin oil film layer; f。 The different parts are not leak.
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