Changzhou yau shing bearing belt you know needle bearing cleaning method

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
In our life often see some machinery parts, don't know if you have some simple understanding, as we often use the needle roller bearing accessories, you know how to wash after using the? Actually for cleaning and checking of needle roller bearing is necessary, for our future at the time of use is very convenient, then let's see stamping needle bearing cleaning method, hope you can understanding we have some of the following, then we come and see. 1, due to the use of time, in cleaning the old motor or imported motor centripetal needle bearing, spherical stamping should put the ball, pearl frame transverse transfer from the outer ring, internal ring into hot oil, again after a short cylindrical roller roller, needle roller bearings when cleaning should be also bead frame, the inner ring and outer ring off. In the hot oil when cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃. If use flame directly heating, should pay attention to prevent the oil burning, needle roller bearing to hanging in the pan, sink, will cause overheating and reduce hardness. 2, put the needle roller bearing pressing soak 5 - in kerosene 10 minutes, squeeze the inner ring with one hand, another hand turn the outer ring, the dry oil or rust on the needle roller bearing cream will fall down. Then put the needle roller bearing into the cleaner in kerosene, with soft hair brush to wash, centripetal ball short needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller needle bearing when cleaning should be ball, pearl, the inner ring and outer ring off cleaning, clean needle bearing with a clean dry cloth. Above all, we should introduce to us have some understanding, if you also want to know more carefully, you can contact with us, we will according to you want to know, to do a detailed introduction for you. Because we are a professional manufacturer of needle roller bearing and other equipment, also thank you for your support of our company, needle roller bearings and other products of our company are all products sell like hot cakes, so we welcome your arrival.
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