Change the traditional structure, he developed a new type of bearing is not all over the world, has won international - bearing knowledge for sure

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Bearing is a widely used machine parts, is indispensable in the rotary movement of the mechanical equipment. However, general bearing allows a cyclotron exercise, but the motion of the limit bearing. The problem for some machinery, especially agricultural products processed machinery, exist a lot of disadvantages. Exciting is that the problem solved in northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology. These days, professors of northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology institute of electrical and mechanical kang-quan guo research invented 'CURVED TRENCH BALL BEARING' ( A curved groove ball bearing) In the United States, the United States patent no. : US9970484 B2, licensed. This is the northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology first licensed in the United States by the international PCT international invention patent. Curved groove ball bearing the biggest change, is the traditional deep groove ball bearings 'ditch' changed to 'curve channel. Which USES the curve groove groove ball bearing, through the bearing can put the existing rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion bearings. Because now the rotary motion and reciprocating motion of the transformation of the institutions and only limited four or five, as the crank connecting rod mechanism, slider-crank mechanism, CAM mechanism, swinging ring mechanism, etc. , and curved groove ball bearing can add a kind of new type machine of the rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion mechanism, which is the innovation of the curved groove ball bearing. Curved groove ball bearing's advantage lies in: to apply curved groove ball bearing peeling machine, sheller and other mechanical equipment in the middle, it can be implemented in rotation to swing at the same time, while the swing is on shells, peel a rubbing effect, thus can improve the efficiency of mechanical, further simplification of the structure of the machine. Can use curved groove ball bearing, easy and convenient to convert rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion, develop a new method of the mechanical motion transformation, basis of mechanical movement in the textbook form added new content, in agricultural products processing machinery, light industry and food processing machinery has extensive USES. Since this is the northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology developed a new kind of structure, and bearing the parts are widely used all over the world. Apply the patent in China since 2013, 2014 in preference to the state intellectual property office of China put forward a PCT international application ( Application number: PCT/CN2014/084488) In March 2015, the patent won the world intellectual property organization ( 世界知识产权组织| PCT) International publication ( International publication no. : 2015/035844 send A1) In December 2015, the patent application to enter the United States, released in March 2016 in the United States ( 酒吧。 No:US2016/0123395A1) In August 2016, the patent authorization (the Chinese invention patent The patent number: ZL201310412905. 5) , by March 2018, the patent authorization by the United States over five years. This not only represents the northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology research and development of patent won international recognition, more represents the northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology in the aspect of patent invention international status has improved. Read on: professor kang-quan guo: enjoy special government allowances, won honorary titles such as department of agriculture has outstanding contribution to the young and middle-aged experts, selected 'project of national pacesetter, the first and second layers and shaanxi province' 35 engineering talents' first level. In terms of scientific research, professor kang-quan guo long engaged in plant materials compression molding, comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources research, successively presided over the national natural science funds, the ministry of agriculture & # 39948 & # 39 projects, the state one project, exchanging and shaanxi research projects and so on more than 20 research projects. Research papers published more than 70, of which more than 30 foreign articles. Publishing monographs 2, 1 textbooks. 1 international invention patent, three national invention patents, 6 patents of utility model.
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