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Car wheel bearings need oiling maintenance on a regular basis? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
The current car wheel bearing is free maintenance, normal car use to scrap all need not tube. Early wheel bearing is a bearing alone loaded on axle, but this kind of bearing in prone to error results in uneven bearing load when installation, short service life, good or bad just need to change the bearing, low prices to buy. Remember relatives dipper rear wheel bearing is broken, with a broken bearing directly to bearing according the dealership and bought a new outfit. Now the wheel bearing and shaft head into a whole, screw is installed directly on the production line, error is very small, the bearing force uniform, running a long, long service life. And bearing internal closed have grease, at any time to provide lubrication. The above is a one-piece wheel bearing, large steel ball, full of grease, frictional surface is bright and clean, no sliding friction inside the wheel turns to him, are all steel ball rotation of rolling friction, the friction is small, wear is also very small. Combined with good sealing, the bearing life is very long, do not need to maintain.
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